Constitutional carrying to states with permits

How do people travel other states without a permit?


I think they either:

  1. Don’t carry when they travel, bring the gun in transport condition
  2. Travel to other Constitutional carry states and carry that way
  3. Don’t bring the gun with them at all
  4. Get a permit for the additional benefits, such as reciprocity, but enjoy the fact that they don’t ‘have to’ get the permit to carry in their home state and don’t ‘have to’ pay the government and ask for prior written permission to exercise their Right

Start by downloading the USCCA reciprocity app. It shows you where your state’s carry permit is recognized, and where it isn’t. Be aware that constitutional carry might not be extended to out of state persons, and that some states extend discretion to local jurisdictions as to whether they want to accept your carry permit. There are also some states (NY comes to mind) that will confiscate your firearms no matter how many permits you have - up to and including the Federal transport permit. And you likely will not get them back. Interstate travel with a weapon (whether carried or not) requires careful research. Good luck.


To add, states like NY may confiscate more than just your firearm. Bring a handgun to NY, and they’ll likely confiscate you along with it. NJ too