Constitutional Carry Passes in Georgia

You mean Tennessee (sic)? :blush:

I am happy for Georgia. But I will still keep mine concealed. I do not want the extra concern of some knucklehead coming up behind me and trying to take my gun.

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To be clear, what Georgia has now allows open or concealed carry for applicable individuals, without a license. It’s not an open carry thing, just a carry thing, and most choose concealed.


Can’t wait to see the first statistics for crime…


No, your other west.

is open carry,but I wont open carry for the simple reason,I will not be the first victim ,I want the surprise effect of the peep

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Yea, I’m from FL and hope we get Constitutional Carry. As a veteran I have my CCW but I agree she has to go.

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Tennessee blew there’s, but I’m moving to Mississippi.

There is no such thing as constitutional carry!! We need to quit using that bogus term. The constitution of the US and those of each state do not grant that right. God does. Constitutions only guarantee no infringements of that God given right. We ALL have the right to bear arms, the right to carry arms, the right to use arms. Again, NO constitution grants that right. Passing so called ‘constitutional carry’ laws is a waste of everyone’s time and money, and is only ‘theater’. I personally, am tired of the theater!!! CARRY ON!


I don’t know about that, passing “Constitutional Carry” means that the Right to keep and bear arms is treated more like a Right, and less like a privilege.

I think it’s better to let people just-carry, without requiring that they pay money and fill out forms and wait for prior written permission from the government. Less red tape for the vast majority of responsibly armed Americans out there


Totally missing the reality. That’s OK. You’ll get there.

No matter what - may issue, shall issue, no license required, constitutional carry - no matter what, become fully informed about the law, become fully competent in the physical, legal, mental, moral disciplines of defensive firearms combat. Get training. Practice. Train, practice and repeat. There is no such thing as a mistake, no such thing as an accident. There only is negligence - cockiness, stupidity, overconfidence, insufficient training, insufficient practice.

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Hopefully the sign of things to come for her campaign.


I think that you have it backwards…unless you can show me a picture of god. Or a letter from god. Or a video of these proclamations. What we actually have is the constitution, written for Americans, not the world or the universe. Lean on it to make progress.

Gary, I understand your point, but please consider accepting the common usage to best communicate our position to the general public. Recall that the Constitution is Part 2 of our founding documents. Part 1, the Declaration of Independence, clearly states,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

but did not list any of these certain unalienable right beyond Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

The Bill of Rights amendments are where our forebears specifically enumerated some of those Creator-endowed rights. Personally, I consider the 2nd Amendment as fundamental to the right to Life as stated in the Declaration.

Oh, and Happy Easter!


Is that a rally or a pet rock meeting?

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There is about 20 million voters in that picture. They are in spirit, you know, so you cannot see them with normal vision


Awesome! I have my CCW in Maryland and it was a major PIA. Hope this is a trend, even though I do not have high hopes for MD.

Semper Fi

The constitutional carry does not work if you travel to another state, so having a permit does. I will still possess my permit.


It may or may not depending on the state you go to.

But yes definitely a good idea to keep the permit, for a number of reasons, with travel to other states and increased reciprocity being one of those reasons.

Many states also let you bypass the NICS check when buying a gun if you have a valid current state issued permit, meaning you don’t risk having to wait to take possession due to the NICS system being down, or being super slow, or getting a no-reason “delay”.

It can also be an additional government issue photo ID useful for certain things (for example, I could vote with mine)