Congress' spending deal includes millions of dollars for federal agencies to research gun violence


My gun has never been violent with anyone. Except maybe that first time I shot a semi-auto pistol and the slide kissed my left thumb knuckle because, yes, I was did it wrong. Like touching a hot stove, it’s a one time lesson.
But really, if they are going to research violence perpetrated with a gun, they will also need to look at the more common means of violence, knives, axes, scissors, feet, hands, … If they really want to solve the violence problem, they need to study the people who commit violence, not the tools they use to perpetrate their schemes.


Stop wasting money on useless research which will accomplish nothing and use it on research which could make a difference in something (anything).


So that research didn’t net the results you wanted so try again in an even more emotionally charged atmosphere.

I’m thinking the research is really trying to figure out how much of a fight will be put up when they really start trampling our rights.


I think we need to insist the congress critters pass a freaking budget! When was the last one? Bill Clinton’s second term?


That’s exactly my concern @sheepdog, they figured out how to rephrase questions or reparse data and want to give it another shot to make up for their past study as well as justify why their last study was so “erroneous” (although I’m confident it’s not).

It’s foregone conclusion looking for stats to back their story.


I refuse to believe it costs $25 million (I saw that figure somewhere) to do gun violence research. Gun violence is a made-up term just like toxic masculinity. To attack the 2nd Amendment on all these fronts is an act of desperation. :v:t5:


If you admit that “gun violence” is a made up thing, you may start focusing on the real issue. It is frightening for libs/progs


I would argue that gun violence is scary for everyone. I’m afraid that more people will be killed by gun violence. However, instead of blaming the gun, I’m using the gun as a tool to protect myself and my loved ones.

Research is always expensive - both in finances and research time that could have been focused on something else. :frowning:

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“Instead of blaming the gun…”
Reminds me of a meme & t-shirt I saw some time ago… It said something like “if you believe guns kill people, you also believe that cars cause automobile accidents & pencils misspell words…”
I may have butchered it but I hope you get the idea :v:t5:

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I’m sorry but there is NO SUCH THING AS GUN VIOLENCE! It is HUMAN VIOLENCE! and that is because guns are just A TOOL that HUMANS use to commit their dirty deeds.

If you search the news for challenges London police faces, you are going to see focus on knife violence, and anti-knife sentiment exactly resembling anti-gun sentiment.
Next stage is anti-club sentiment. Next you have to ban martial arts. Then mandatory medication for boys to prevent toxic masculinity…and so on