congress reads the declaration of independence

they should have to read it every time they return from a break, a long with the president.
we the people!!! 25:25 for the 2nd Amendment


Now if only they would read the Constitution. :rofl:


What read that Musty Dusty Old Living Document? :roll_eyes:
Why would they do that? I would only serve to confuse them.


Yeah, it’s a long list of things they’re not supposed to do. No wonder they avoid it.


AOC is still sitting in her chair drooling. Out of the corner of her mouth…


I’m taking a Constitution Alive class. And I’ve now taken it 3 times. And every time I take it I take it I learn something new about it. And I feel that EVERY PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SENATOR, AND CONGRESSPERSON should take the class and then be tested on it. Because to me it sure seems like most don’t know what they are or are not allowed to do. The Constitution Alive class that I’m taking is from PATRIOT ACADEMY. And it is free to take. But is you want to get a hard copy of the work book that goes along with the class it costs $20. But when you sign up for the class you do get an online free copy. I’ve also signed up to be one of their CONSTITUTIONAL COACHES and I’m working setting up my course to teach it myself. And you can teach the classes either in person or online. If you want to find out more on the Constitution Alive classes go to "" and look at the classes they offer.


thank you for the link I plan on signing up :+1: :+1: :+1:


I seriously think we would have a better outcome if we beat the on the head with the hard copy!
They are laughing at it! It’s time we brought it to life for them! Remember how we won our freedoms.
Think we should have started from the Declaration in Congress July 4th, 1776.
It has become necessary!