Confrontation at the Watering Hole

I can across the following article today, and it got me to thinking about my own experiences, including reactions…

From my own experience, I find the article about spot on. Most of my encounters have been at such places. I also tend to get away from between the pumps and the vehicle while filling it up. I also leave a good 5 feet or so between the vehicle and the pumps. I do not drive around the station, however I am picky about where I go, so I have places I frequent.

I am not sure where I picked it up, but I have used it several times. I hold my non-dominate hand out, palm out, and loudly say “stop!”. Followed by I have nothing for you. So far it has worked.


I have evaded several attempted car jackings thru the years and started carrying a firearm in my glovebox. I really fought paying for a CWP for a lot of years because I always felt I shouldn’t have to pay for the right to have a handgun “near” me when the 2nd Amendment “clearly” states I have the right to.

Anyway, I was filling up at a gas station in Florida City on the way to the Florida Keys and was surrounded by 3 guys that clearly had bad intent towards me. I stood them off with posture and composure, but inside my mind I was thinking what a dumbass I was to be out there with a gun in my glovebox!

It was shortly after that my sons suggested I was not quite as young, strong, and spry as I once was and maybe I should give in and get my CWP. I took their advise and even though I have been in compromising situations since then while carrying, I still have fortunately not felt the need to draw my weapon. I will admit it is reassuring to know it is readily available if myself and/or my family are in immediate danger.

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Flashlight taser
One of the most important things to carry