Confirmed: On-Duty Atlanta Police Officers Are Walking Off Job - The Police

“Atlanta, GA – The Police Tribune has confirmed with International Brotherhood of Police Southeast Regional Director Vince Champion that Atlanta police officers are walking off the job Wednesday night.”


Blue flu season is coming… another reason to avoid cities.


Louisville is seeing a large exodus with about 100 additional officers planning on retiring in August.


Sad, but not unexpected. As a nation we are sowing poor seed right now, I fear we will harvest poor results!




With all that is going on in the world, we are allowing some peripheral topics that are closely related to self-defense. Topics about the election and what is currently going on regarding riots and the police do have a relationship to self-defense. These topics must adhere to the Community Guidelines (no hate speech, personal attacks or name-calling) and if they get too far off track they will be closed.

If we find that peripheral topics start outweighing the self-defense discussions or are not related to self-defense or the Second Amendment in any way, we will stop allowing those them.

Please remember the reason we’re all here is to learn from the experts and one another about how we can best protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Even in these uncertain times, respectful conversation can help us learn.


Following the Rayshard Brooks shooting:

Seems like the DA is under investigation while running for re-election and needs a “big” win. Another case tried in the media before all the facts have been gathered…

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I’m hearing similar stories from other cities about police officers calling in sick or resigning. It seems like the situation is never quite as bad as the headline, but it’s an obvious concern because many large city police officers are overworked, and the problem is compounded every time another officer throws in the towel.

This is a city and community issue, but I don’t see how we can separate it from self-defense. Even if you have a private arsenal and armored cars, you’re still safer with police in your community instead of lawlessness. And this doesn’t negate the need for police review and reform; people need to be safe in custody, as well. Cities need to figure this out, and one solution may not fit every city.

So if police are quitting, what can we do about it?



You are so right. Sometimes us being family, I feel like, politics and other sorts of topics would be a good conversation since we have similar views

Most importantly, @dawn, I make a commitment to not post anything not self-defense related other than about our Lord and Savior Jesus.


There’s many officers who are calling out. What upsets me is the DA’s rush to charge in the related incident without proper investigation being performed.

If you tell officers in the city that they cannot protect themselves from attackers, you are not going to have officers to protect your city.


This gets you fired from your job??? This is straight out of Gulag Archipelago, designated Family Member of the Enemy of the People, I can’t believe my eyes.


I was just talking to a friend and speculating what the protesters, rioters, and CHOP folks will do when the police that they want to defund are no longer there to protect them.


At worst, Chop will turn into homeless encampment. At best, it will become “Hamsterdam” (if you watch HBO’s The Wire), a vibrant place of commerce between gangs and drug addicts. I give till November, no sense for Soros to finance it after that.


Sad what our elected politicians are doing (or not doing) to back up our LE officers.


SEEMS to me the job of protecting our rights n such that the Government is SUPPOSED to do is NOT being done???


We are on the outskirts of Atlanta. We are hoping that none of this flows over to the suburbs. We are ready if need to be for anything to happen. At least we did just get our Platinum membership renewed.