Confessions of a once-newbie

I’m not what you would call a newbie anymore, however, the more I learn, the more I realize there is so much more I need to learn. And I need to practice what I learn.

I know there are certain things I should be doing that I haven’t done yet. For instance, I know I need to create a small bug-out bag for on my new-to-me motorcycle, I just haven’t done it yet. I can make a huge list of excuses as to why I haven’t yet, but they’re just excuses.

What are you procrastinating on when it comes to your self-defense?

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Mine was getting a multi purpose holster. Finally sucked it up and ordered it. Once I recieve it I should be able to swap guns on anything I’m carrying just by unclipping and swapping holsters. Streamlining the whole process. It is also a retention holster


I dont know how long the maglula mag loaders have been around for, but I shoulda had one from the beginning



A bug out bag on a bike would be a fun problem to tackle.

I get a lot of my bags from

A fantastic company that employs a lot of veterans and literally has thousands of bags in all sorts of colors and patterns.


Those are awesome! I’ll have to find one small enough for on my bike :slight_smile:

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Procrastinating on…

  • Memorizing the laws and restrictions for the states I travel in. I look before I travel, and always will because of changes, but I should know this by heart and I don’t. :roll_eyes:
  • Knife classes … because SCARY! :grimacing:
  • Force on force training… because its gonna hurt. :anguished:

I know what you mean, but the sense of accomplishment and the knowledge are totally worth the bumps and bruises!


@Dawn I know… :scream: :grimacing: :chicken: :rooster: :chicken: