Concrete And Steel

For all of you potential homebuilders out there, check out the alternatives you have in concrete and steel. Monolithic
Dome is the oldest firm that offers concrete domes of all types, claiming that their domes run at 75% the cost of conventional construction. Their picture gallery will surprise you with the variety of homes and other projects they’ve constructed.

Are those bulletproof? :wink:

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Does that 75% figure also take into consideration resale value? The last time I looked, most everybody wants a traditional home.

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Aside from the widows I bet they would stop most bullets not to mention very fire resistant! Cement is actually going to be in short supply in the future. Poured or rammed earth homes are a good sturdy option if you want a more traditional look without the cement. Wish I had one.

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I think Luke and Leia will prefer regular house :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My dream home was a concrete dome with a convertible indoor shooting range for guns and archery, At the time, the largest diameter home Monolithic had plans for was 40 feet, so I became interested in their larger commercial constructions that I could convert to a residence. It was a dream, but I had fun with my imagination at the time.

Also - being fire-resistant, you might get a significant reduction in home insurance costs, along with heating and cooling.

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