Concerns that may have gotten out of control, concealment / c arry and firearms


Garbage in, Garbage out… such utter non-sense, “easily concealable SBR”… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


There goes my guns. :rofl:


Live in Ct. my friend Was in the hospital having a very bad time. A doctor asked him how he Felt and, he said I would rather be Dead than in here. Without warning or notice the police went to his house and confiscated every firearm he owned. The guns were all black powder handmade period correct reproductions Worth a lot of money and represented many years of work. When he got out of the hospital he had to pay a lawyer and go to court to get his guns back. From what I understand even if your neighbor or anyone calls the police and says they are afraid I might hurt them that’s all it would take & by by guns.


I. Am. Extremely. Careful. About. What. I. Say.

I don’t trust anyone outside of my family.

I smile at everyone even though deep inside I find myself singing,

:notes: Why do I smile
At people who I’d much rather kick in the eye? :notes:



Please do not say this. You do not belong to
Drugs, alcohol, selling drugs on the street or
threaten people. I am not crazy about Biden
And he is just chess piece off a chess board, There must be a legal way to stop this. Red Laws and
destruction of our rights.

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I’m just joking. Red Flag laws are vile unconstitutional attempts at disarming we the people. We just need to keep fighting against them. Many of these laws and executive orders need to be elevated to the U.S. Supreme Court. If the SCOTUS fails to see these cases things will continue to worsen until a conservative President and Vongress over turns these actions. Gotta keep the faith.