Concerned neighbor

The problem with these signs is that the perpetrator will know that you are armed and ready for it. I prefer the element of surprise.

RNGN has the right idea of catching up with posts of interest.

2+ years and I’m still catching up. There’s a lot of info here.

But I would be seriously concerned if I lived in an apartment with the neighbor advertising as such. I don’t know what I would do about it.


However, I feel the need to remind this group of kind individuals most jurisdictions have laws or ordinances that protect a person from harassment or harm. This protects a persons life, liberty, or property from unlawful disruptions or violation of their rights. This is typically referred to as “right to live peacefully.”


Agreed, Devils Advocate: What’s the difference between this guy with the ridiculous signs and and the “same” guy with no signs that huddles in his bedroom caressing his Desert Eagle? They’re both just as dangerous.


It’s probably the same guy.


On the other hand, I would think a pizza delivery driver would double/triple check that they have the correct address before knocking on the door that has those signs. May even call the recipient or call the store to call the recipient to check.

Put simply, I would wager that having that on your door reduces the odds of a wrong address knock.


Surprise is good…but only if you were unable to deter from the beginning.

If we get to pick, I pick to deter so nothing even happens in the first place.

IMO, knowing that a person behind a locked door, in their own home, is armed, reduces the odds of needing to use a firearm defensively by reducing the odds of that home invasion ever happening in the first place


It is comforting knowing that neighbors are armed. We live in the country and the neighbors that I talk to are armed. But no signs.


Lakerfan, my guess is that this guy is scared of something, obviously. Scared ppl tend to put on a big show. Although that doesn’t mean he won’t do something stupid. If you’re concerned with what he might do make a few safe places. Reinforce your door. If you have children put something up to stop a round from that direction. Same with your living room and bedroom. It might cost you some but peace of mind is worth it. Is it fair that you have to take these measures, no. But this is the society we live in today. I would keep my family safe and make it so that if I have to move that stuff moves with me.

Be safe brother


What an interesting topic and posts. Liked them all but for me personally, liked yours the most - Eugene49. Simple, and just that I also agree with you.

I feel for you, Lakerfan34. I imagine other neighbors near you are also affected.

Yes, we deserve rights to bear arms. Given his “rights” to display words or signs , I’m not sure what can be done so he’s more tactful, per se. Unless there is a type of community ordinance.

It makes sense not to “poke a bear”. Due to his showing unpredictability, I’d not want his anger directed at me.

He can see all the words here on this forum by simply logging in. I’d be tempted to mention to him about the USCCA education (especially on acting legally), but therein lies the problem - he can take it the wrong way, and become angry or it could even further increase his beliefs, as exampled by the shirts/hats we see for sale.

IDK. I’m not there. Maybe, while you still live there - you remain cool, non-threatening, but respect him.

Best to you. :blush:


Oh and if you haven’t already buy a gun and learn to use it. If you haven’t yet, join the USCCA in case you need to defend yourself and others. Then keep it close to you.


I was talking too my mom about that today when I visited her and I told my neighbor that I have a security camera in my kitchen window so I can keep an eye on both his apartment and mine. I didn’t mention anything about the signs. lol My mom was saying he must be scared of something otherwise he wouldn’t be putting up so much as a deterrent so I said that makes sense I get that.

If he wants too leave up the signs that’s on him and his call but personally I think it is a bit much and will be used against him as if he was spoiling for a fight if he ever defends himself and has too go too court.

This is what I use as a deterrent for home security.


Been a member for over 5 years. I have multiple firearms for home defense and concealed carry. :slightly_smiling_face:


The camera is good but only can prove you acted in SD. Cameras and dogs don’t stop thugs from breaking in your place but they do help to notify you if something is wrong. As I was told here; the crook will shoot your dog. I said yeah but then he has given me proof he means or has ill intentions. Then I’m putting his arse in the ground.

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I don’t think it is possible to speak (or post signs) without being judged to some extent. Thats what humans do to determine if the people they encounter are someone they want to connect with, ignore or keep an eye on as a potential threat. If you are careful with what you say and present to the world you might be able to avoid being mislabeled but none of us have full control over what others think of us. That’s why I personally prefer to go unnoticed and therefore less likely to be judged.

I don’t judge people for carrying or owning firearms aside from the fact that the vast majority of firearm owners are law abiding people. But when I see someone with a weapon of any type or behaving outside the norm I do observe their behavior to assure they are not a threat to myself or my family.

If I see someone ranting about something it definitely bumps my alert level up a little bit until I can determine if their fear, anger or whatever is a threat or not.


That’s exactly how I feel man. People carrying I’m not concerned about until they start acting in a threatening or suspicious manner then it raises an alarm.


I had a college roommate that used to post stupid stuff on our dorm room door. Nothing like this, just bizarre stuff that made no sense. He was just an odd duck with too much time on his hands who needed to seriously grow up. Oddly enough, he was a criminal justice major. Can’t say we ever spoke after changing rooms at the end of the year. Have no idea if he ever made it on the force anywhere.

There’s a guy loosely connected to my church. He sends the church weird magazine clips, argues about weird theological tangents and just makes the spidey senses go off. He gets watched closely and occasionally gets told it’s time for him to leave. I sit behind him whenever he comes to church. We run interference to keep him away from the pastor after services.

This door situation reminds me of those two things. I tend to think that most strange people are just strange and not necessarily dangerous. But that old saying about keeping your enemies closer might apply.

Not sure my rambling accomplished anything…


Yes, it makes us want to keep you closer. :rofl:

You made good points with real-life examples.


Thanks @Dave17 Now I know why you are nice to me!

Thanks for the laugh! :joy: