Concerned about all the communications USCCA Community writing and where is the training for protection of Families?

This may upset people and please I would not desire to do so here at any time. Several people and parts of our community have helped train this old goat. Many have poured their hearts out to give life giving information to everyone of us; mainly ME. I love learning how to follow rules, major instruction, getting out of trouble, the right ways.

I have seen many topics, studies, teachings, instructions, just plain old being walked over. I cause some of my owned problems, but I have learned to be better and I do love helping other people, but that my be giving to much Information and needs instructions from better trained staff and educators.

This Community’s main reason is to help train others to meet their life long responsibilities’ to protect their families and themselves, to protect safely, legally, and correctly. I have seen people that could not flush a john or use simple tools. I have had much help at USCCA and I took some courses from CONCEALED and CARRY also for the Laws, Bettering self in First Aide, Self Defense, Home Defense, Safety, Conceal and Carry in the state of Florida. To know when to use deadly force, and many FUNDAMENTALS from books, videos, and other tools.

It has been a long 3.6 years, but still there much more. Please help and I know you can do better.


William Smith, USCCA

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Good topic @William_H!

I so desire to be better my self. When I get where want to be, I always know ‘I’ need more discipline

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Thank you Mr. Randall for your comments. Please have a great day.

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@William_H I see nothing inflammatory about your post at all. As to the post title where is the info on protection of families I would submit it is all the things you have described and been a part of. Every time YOU learn something that makes you better, it protects your family that much more. Some family members are not wired to be protectors and are oblivious to the possibilities and dangers of the world. There even those who are anti anything self defense and everywhere in between. If you continue to better yourself as a protector then you are protecting your family the best way you know how.




I could not say it any better @Craig6!