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For instructors and students alike, experience is the epitome of learning the methods and techniques practiced. Validation through reality-based training proves ability and reveals areas on which individuals need to improve. Preparedness and accurate execution builds confidence as well as the ability to win a confrontation should it ever raise its ugly head.

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If the facility that you want to do any training is resistant to you walking through and looking at their facility, you should consider going somewhere else. So long as no training is currently going on, there should be no problem.
What type of training and experience do the instructors have? Verify these by checking with the places listed.
What type of reviews are available and how long have they been in business?
Just because I was in LEO, etc. does not mean that you are not dealing with a knucklehead. Are they willing to tell you where they worked before.
Run a background check. You want to know the conditions under which they left the last place or places that they worked.
Practical classes are not just useful buy may save your life. Only if the people and facility are really qualified to do the training. The personality and philosophy of the trainer is important. Particularly, when you are facing some State Persecutor attacking you based on who you trained with.