Concealed license permit

Gratitude. You made me obtain covers for mine. Going out on a limb, I’ve got a few permits. So, took a closer look, and whoah, they’re fading, wear & tear, friction, pressure.

Nice lady working at Kinkos, in a anti 2A city took a look and said, “Oh, let’s not damage those important items in our lamination machine, could melt them, let’s find some safer alternatives for you”, And proceeded to share other options and convinced me to obtain cards for em, instead of risk putting em thru heated machine laminators. She offered a ID cover/case they have there.

Instead, I found perfect fitting ones, of all places, free from a local laundry store when they cleaned my laundry - they placed a free clear card tag on the outside of the bag, even zip locks, I just trimmed off the edge and now I can carry em. Guess shopping online or at some stores can yield other covers.

New worry
If I get robbed though, I have a nice fat wallet with plenty of cash in it, happy to turn it over. Why? Cause that’s my NY wallet I made for them, as I toss it to them and I run zig zag the opposite direction, an officer once taught us in class - to do. My other wallet with my more important items in it, I keep that “closer”.

However of course, God forbid a perp ever threaten my life or limb, cause if I’m CCW that day, it’s on.

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I also found a similar ID card cover on Amazon, also just the right size for my FOID and CCL cards:


I tried looking for transparent aluminum id holders.

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Mine came laminated. Like my drivers license.