Concealed in Warm Weather

I have the honor of helping to teach a Defensive Shooting Fundamentals class this week at the Well Armed Woman National Leader Conference in Phoenix this week. They’re forecasting the temperature to be 111 degrees on the day we teach the class. :hot_face:

I’m not an extreme heat kind of girl. I like living in WI where it’s supposed to be in the 70s - 80s this week. I know how to carry in that type of heat. :slight_smile:

Here are some suggestions from Dave Morelli on carrying when it’s warm:

How do you carry when it’s really hot?


@Dawn Congratulations Dawn And best of luck I know you’re going to do a fine job in your time slot. 111° is probably around 11 PM at night God when I lived in Texas at Fort Hood when I was stationed at Fort Hood Texas yes what it was like ugly heat I don’t miss it a bit good luck Dawn

If it’s 111 outside it is best to stay inside. Whenever it tops 90 in Louisville you see a spike in violent crime. Folks get nasty!

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I normally carry my Walther PPS m2 this time of year under a loose fitting t shirt or a sleeveless shirt. I can also conceal a full-size Glock this way as well. If I’m going out on a date with my girlfriend and need to wear something nice then I’ll put on a button up shirt, buttoned and untucked.

Welcome @Chris503! Great idea! My real answer should have been Hawaiian or similar light shirts with patterns make great camouflage for carrying in hot weather.

I am a small man. I just appendix carry cross-draw with a loose t- shirt.