Concealed-carry license holder killed in Bridgeport was possibly being carjacked: police

This is why you always carry you never know when you might need it. Don’t let others make you feel bad for carrying. Please see link below for full story.


This is a sad story and we pray for him and his family. Tough time during holidays to lose someone in violence like this. Keep this family in prayer and may God bring peace to them.


My take away is if they have the upper hand give them the keys I know my car is not worth my life. I get to walk away and fight another day. You have room to fight you can’t rely on the 911 operator to say a unit is on the way, more than likely we are most complacent the closer we are to our house and this can happen to any of us. Our job is to practice and stay vigilant practice looking for cover and distance and them practice some more in the mirror drawing from concealment from cover from awkward angles with one hand , then practice some more, see the theme here practice

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