Concealed Carry Christmas?

Do you have a Concealed Carry Christmas Story? Or a USCCA Christmas Story? We’d love to hear them!


I can’t think of one off top but here is a gift idea for giggles!



I will tell one. Was spending Xmas with wife’s family and was sleeping on couch. I sleep extremely lightly, any out of the ordinary sound usually wakes me. The couch I am sleeping on is 2 feet or so from the front door and as I am laying there I here the door click. So I roll off the couch and have my pistol out and someone dressed as :santa: steps in. I whisper " hands up, I’m a little to old to believe in :santa:". The guy freezes and says is that you and I say yes, turns out it was her uncle coming in to put out :gift: for the grandkids. Of course Christmas day dinner he tells everyone how I almost shot :santa:.

I don’t think he realizes how close he really came to getting shot. Good thing I guess that I follow those 4 basic safety rules. Funny thing is none of them ever suspected or thought that I carried. Even though we had gone hunting and such many times.