Concealed Carry at work and Searches

I work at a restaurant and concealed carry. I wanted to know what are my rights if I am asked to be searched. Can i refuse? Can I leave? Is a warrant necessary? Help…

Asked by whom? Police? Your boss? Probable answer is no, no one can search you without your permission and law enforcement cannot without a warrant and/or probable cause or upon taking you into custody.

If you’re at work and not supposed to be in possession of a firearm you can be fired but not searched without your permission. Businesses and employers can set whatever rules they want.


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The most popular (and probably the most frustrating) answer is it depends. It depends on the situation/location/state laws regarding the 4th Amendment.

As far as concealed carry laws, you can check out your state laws here:

sign consent to search

Unless you’ve walked past one or more of these at a controlled entry point.

As the sign reads: you enter, you submit; your call.


In hindsight, I should have made a few distinctions. For example US Government property or property under US Government control are most certainly off limits. Post Office, Military property, Federal Courthouses, Dept of Defense contractors, etc. Other state or county places are also off limits - jails, courthouses, juvie facilities, etc.