Concealed Carry, and the Chamber Locked and Loaded

Mr. Collin Noir is an avid, intelligent, and very eloquent defender of The 2A. Plus, he recommends USCCA… and he’s an attorney, too. Frankly, I love that brother! Here is a brief video by Colion on Carrying with, or without a round In the chamber. I do have my thoughts on the topic, but even after all these years, there is so much more I want to learn.
Brothers and sisters, I would love to hear your thoughts on this, please, and thank you. For me, there are no “right or wrong answers.” I enjoy hearing the different perspectives.

Concealed Carry Life: Carrying W/ A Round In The Chamber



I enjoy his videos. Gotta agree with the thought that the right time for you to carry a chambered round is when it feels right for you.


Hi @Taina, perhaps you have missed the other thread, but here you can find a lot of our opinions:

Should you carry with one in the chamber?


Thank you Jerzy… as always, much appreciated, brother. I will check it out.

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True, brother, very true.

I have always carried locked and loaded,in cambodia and loas and when discharged in in 67, in Country on mission,when I slept had my 1911 in my hand with thumb on safety and when seconds mean life or death, always one in the pipe.


That sounds like a very intimate relationship you have with your pistol…bordering on maybe a little scary…I’m getting flashbacks of Full Metal Jacket’s “This is my rifle, this is my gun…”



Basically I and my weapon are one and the same,it was drilled into to do what needed to be done to survive with out remorse, and that came to light last year in the confrontation,it was up to the agressor as to what HE decided,I had already decided,he WAS not coming closer,his decision,and my motor memory from my training and my actions were automatic and didnt decide,just did what to me had to be done,I am determined to not be a victim.


Love that movie


I have always carried with one in the chamber. Seconds matter. The less manipulations I have to do during the draw the better. Guns have safeties built into them for a reason. Keep your booger digger of the bang switch when holstering and reholstering and the problems is avoided. Plus, make sure you carry your firearm in a quality holster. Admittedly though, when I first started carrying years ago, I had a bit of the gun will go bang on it’s own paranoia. Bit the more I carried the more I realized that was all just in my head. Now I carry appendix and don’t think twice about it.


Welcome to the family, brother!

Always one in the pipe. In a situation,I’ll never pause and ask my threat " hey could you wait a second while I chamber a round"?
Seconds matter.