Concealed at the Vaccination site

This was a bit of an unexpected occurrence.
I walked with my wife to her appointment at the C-19 vaccination place today. When we got there the greeter asked if we were both there for a shot. I told him “no my appointment is for tomorrow”. His reply surprised me and put me in a rather interesting position. He said go ahead, you can get yours today. So there I am, I have on a loose tee shirt tucked into my pants, under my holster, and a sweat shirt over the top of the tee shirt covering my fire arm. We get to the station and the gal asks me to remove my sweat shirt so she can shoot me in the upper arm. If I remove my cover garment I’m no longer concealed, not illegal in Utah, but could be rather uncomfortable. So what to do? I decided that the best way to approach this was to excuse myself, walk off into a secluded area, pull my tee shirt out from under my IWB and then remove my sweat shirt. Here’s the interesting part, a police officer saw me walk off into an otherwise unused area of the building and followed me, to make sure I was OK. As he approached I think he figured out my dilemma so he stood in front of me while I made the adjustment. Once I got my sweat shirt off he smiled and we both walked back to the vac’s station. I just can’t remember seeing this kind of thing in any of the training I’ve completed. Fortunately I live in an area that is pro 2A.


Pocket carry. I can go shirtless and still be compliant. :grin:


I would probably be arrested for indecent exposure :rofl:


Haven’t yet…


This is the way it is supposed to work. Responsible citizen, responsible Peace Officer… no problem. I think you handled it well.
Great story, thanks for sharing.


In my state all would be cool unless it was at my Dr. Office or Hospital. If they have a 30.06 or 30.07 sign posted I would have to leave my weapon in the car. Doesn’t happen because I know ahead of time the Hospital, Post Office, City Hall and one of my two doctor’s offices have the sign so I leave the weapon in a safe. without the signage I am free to do as I please.


I’d just leave the 30.06 in the truck. Sorry, I had to say it :grinning:


Should have seen that coming.


Great post. Helpful. Got me to think more and develop contingency planning. Creativity, safety, and staying within the law. Always check in advance if “No Firearms” signs would be posted and if the healthcare will be “inside” a hospital, if your state does or does not allow it. Gratitude.


I had a similar situation come up at a dermatologist appointment a couple years ago. I had a thing on the back of my leg that needed to be looked at. Well after looking at may leg he handed me to take off my shirt. I do not remember if there was a no gun sign at the door, but I am exempt from that requirement as a retired LEO in Kentucky. Before taking off my shirt, I told the doc I was a QRLEO and was armed. He thanked for letting him know and we went about our business.


Good improvise! I pretty much always wear a tee or something thin under my gun, and this adjustment is part of my contingency SOP. Usually I can pull this off out in plain sight as routine fiddling with clothing — might not be easy depending on what you carry and where. These things come up, and it helps to have a practiced plan.

Depending on how exposed you needed to get, your LEO might or might not have made your CCW. At these events, it’s common that people will need to make last minute adjustments they hadn’t thought through ahead of time.


I retired from the Sheriff’s office in 2009. But the DA’s office asked me if I’d consider volunteering to work for him as an investigator, I worked in the Da’s office from, 2010 to 2017. Then the CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigation, asked If I’d consider volunteering to work for them as the number of MURDERS has increased almost triple in Colorado sense the wearing of masks makes it a lot easier for criminals to do their EVIL deeds. I usually wear a shoulder holster with an HK VP9. I always advise my Dr. and the Police working there that I am an Investigator for CBI and as such am required to carry a gun all the time. Even when I got my 2 Covid 19 shots they were OK giving me the shots on the side where my gun is.


Glad you got shot without any drama I on the other hand would not been lucky.:ok_hand:t5:


Mike PLEASE be careful getting that vaccine bc the research ive done in it as a retired RN it leads to serious medical problems. Did you know it has aborted fetal cells and tissue? Plus that mRNA that’s in the vaccine leads to diseases like Madcow disease, infertility in men & women. You can learn much more here


Welcome Gregory!


Great state. Good police officer.


Wisconsin here, I went to the Walgreen’s armed both times. Walgreen’s is not posted and open carry is legal here. I untucked my shirt and covered both times.
This is how I usually do it when donating blood, which I am able to do every two months.
So far no one has even noticed.

Only at church did anyone notice. I am part of our “Safety” team and a member of our church noticed it print as I took a drink at the bubler. The gentleman asked if I was carrying. I answered truthfully, as I saw no reason to lie. He actually thanked me!


Bruce, I hope you don’t mind my asking a sligthly off-topic question, out of curiosity for Am-English ways of speaking (I’m not a native English speaker). When you say “volunteering to work” for them, does that mean that they asked you to work pro-bono? or was it “volunteering” just a way of referring to a kind of freelance, almost informal agreement? (It sounds strange to me that a government agency asked for that kind of collaboration to be on a pro-bono basis.) Thanks.

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By volunteering means pro-bono. The fact is I’m very good at the job. The other fact is I work cheap. It might sound strange to you but it isn’t. I hope this helps. By the way, it is not just here. It happens across the nation.

Dr. Bruce F Andrews


I don’t doubt negative side effects being possible. Like most things, it’s a personal decision, weighing the pro’s & con’s, the big picture, thinking about others as well as oneself.

Wondering if anyone else had heard of the following side-effect from the C-19 Vaccine?:

I met someone at the “range” who shared that the palms of their hands and base of their hands or “thenars”, grew in muscle, fat, and tissue, which now helps them feel less pain when practicing with higher caliber handguns. Very odd, but kinda interesting.

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