Conceal Carry for Bail Enforcement in all states

Hi, anyone aware of changes to allow Bail Enforcement Agents once approved in home state to conceal carry in all 50 states while pursuing a bail skip?


Highly doubtful as to no national agreements on what licensing requirements there are for Bail Enforcement, Private Investigator, Private Security, PMC, Bodyguards, etc. Until a National licensing standard is set I highly doubt all 50 state AG’s would be able to come to an understanding that would allow that.

Your best chance is to post @Dawn for a link to reciprocity map for CC.

Welcome to our community though.


Thanks! Have that map already.

One interesting thing is being able to do business as a Skip Tracer Bounty Hunter, some states requires a concealed carry permit from your home state and its tough to get one in Maryland with “Good and Substantial Reason” requirement. Its ambiguous and no clear path to approval.
I like where I live, so moving os not my first option,

Any thoughts!

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In the way back machine I was a Workman’s Comp Fraud Investigator for a major Insurance Company. During the winter when there wasn’t much work from them so I would do some PI work or Bail Enforcement.

The laws were a mess as they sometimes would vary from town to town let alone state to state.

Pretty much why I think that “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Show is a comedy and not a reality anything.

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I think getting a copy of the states that require that form and putting together a flow chart of how it affects your ability to do your job would be the place to start. Start with your counties investigator for CCL holders, in person. Then follow it up the food chain.

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Thanks for the feedback! I did not watch it.

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Thanks for the recommendation!

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