Conceal Carry at work: The Feds and state supreme court moved into our building

I worked in federal buildings all of my employed life. The federal spaces are strictly no gun. State courthouses depend on your state law.
The real question, as someone else noted, is whether the state or the feds declare the entire building state or federal property. They normally can’t do this without leasing the entire building, but laws vary.


I carry a gun against company policy. I’ve talked to lawyers and they told me if the company allows customers to carry, but tell you you can’t carry, it’s only a termination and no fines/jail time.


@Forensic_Wow. I think your asking for trouble, but I guess there’s PRO’S and CON’S to this.


Eh. I’ve been robbed 3 times working at a gas station. I WOULD RATHER GET TERMINATED AND LIVE THEN DIE AND GET TERMINATED!!!

In both terms I lose my job, just one part my life continues the other part it doesn’t.