Community forum and TOR

I noticed that access to the community forum via TOR does not work.
How come?
Some network administrators categorize this site as “Weapons” and block it. TOR is the go-to tool for people who are limited by censorship, and either can’t run a VPN or don’t want to pay for VPN.


In the past, VPNs would not work on this site, now they are just glitchy and slow. Many sites that use personal data and cookies are anti-VPN.


I’m using a VPN. I haven’t noticed any connection or performance degradation.


I guess it depends on which one and where the server is located, and your internet speed. I have a very high speed connection and can notice webpage latency issues, which are most typically due to the VPN. When I stopped using it, this site loaded far faster, basically immediately compared to 1 second or more.


I have used a a couple different VPNs on this site for 3 years without issue. One is my ex-employeers vpn, the other I pay for is NORD VPN, and for anyone who does not want to fight with TOR or pay for a vpn, Proton VPN is a very good FREE choice.
Proton FREE VPN:

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Proton packaged deal is good, email+ drive + vpn. Especially if you want to get away from ever spying google. But the free VPN only offers 1 US server, and its often busy.