Community Feedback - New Sweatshirt!

Ah, summer. Warm sunny days filled with outdoor activities, and cool evenings by the bonfire. What could be better?

How about a new USCCA sweatshirt for those cool evenings?


I love the USCCA logo on the front and think the color of the logo pops against the black. It actually reminds me of the colors of West Point cadets and some of their athletic gear (overall I like it). The Born to Protect emblem on the back also pops and I love the messaging and the design of the graphic. Sweatshirt seems like a high quality material, and very soft/comfy.

@JamesR has been a USCCA Member for years and has been a regular participant in the USCCA Online Community since May of 2019. His daughter may have borrowed the shirt and not given it back :wink:

The sweatshirt JamesR’s daughter is wearing can be found here.

If you purchase any of our awesome new gear in the next two weeks, you’ll receive free shipping and a free bonus!

Where do you always keep an extra sweatshirt?


I really like those sweatshirts and the way the colors stand out.

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I really like it, good color contrast.


Very nice looking sweatshirt. I keep one in the coat closet and when it’s cold…in the car

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Go bag, and car.


I keep one in the closet, but my wife wears one every day.


Awesome design!

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I cannot wait for Hoodie weather. You guys should do a promo cause my wife is gonna take this one. Buy her one you get one too. Lol

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