Columbine survivor: 'I wished' there was a good guy with a gun — like the one


“I stared down the barrel of a gun at Columbine, where 13 people were murdered and almost 30 wounded,” Todd wrote on Twitter. “I wished then and now that we had a Jack Wilson that fateful day. The world would be a better place if there were more men and women like Jack Wilson.”

That’s a very powerful statement.



I hate the fact he “endured” such tragedy but his testimony is phenomenal. If we had more voices like them, do you guys think it would help in the war against the Second Amendment?

I know many of them struggle with “survivors guilt” but for him to be the opposite of the majority and stand with the right to bare arms is so, so powerful.


I think are lots of people like Jack Wilson. They are just regulated out of society. So many laws and regulations as to what you can carry, when, how and where. And when something happens in a gun free zone they dare ask where was the good guy on that day.


Both powerful and heartbreaking. That story… that one leaves a mark.

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