Colorblindness and optics


I recently saw an Active Self Protection video that convinced me to put some sort of optic on my PPQ, so I was talking with a friend about it today. He said he can’t use red dots or green dots because of his severe color blindness.

What sort of optics are there that don’t use red or green? Is there one that’s blue? I am partially color blind, not anywhere near as bad off as my friend, but I’ve always thought I’d have an easier time seeing a blue reticle than red or green.

The question I would ask is this, regardless of the color can yu not see a light form? I do not suffer from color blindness, but it appears to me if someone turns on a light in the room you would notice it. I do suffer from cataracts so the dot is not clear, but I can see it.
As far as color, I am sure any color could be had, given the time, money and need.


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He said he cannot see the reticle at all. I can, but again, he’s far worse off than I am.

Prompts another question: If your friend can not see the reticle they may try a corrective lense for the dominate eye and shoot with both eyes open? This is what I have to do to correct a vision problem while shooting.


Very interesting, I have red/green color deficiency but mine is mild (e.g. I can’t pass the initial military color vision test, but I can pass the second one) and I can see red and green dots in those types of reticles.

Would potentially an easy fix be a color plastic “lens” (e.g. inexpensive color plastic film) that is in a color spectrum that he can see? E.g maybe a black plastic film on the reticle closest to the shooter would change the color appearance to white and allow him to see it.

Just a thought.

Interesting. I’m surprised they can’t see the brightness of the dot even if they can’t tell the color.

You won’t find a color other than red or green from a reputable manufacturer. Red was the standard color for a long time and only recently has green become common.

You might be able to find a cheap junk red dot knock off on Amazon or something that has other colors but I wouldn’t trust it for anything other than range use.

Maybe a prism optic would be an option for a rifle. They have an etched reticle that can be seen even when the dot is off.


I am red/green/brown colorblind and I can see the colors but not the colors they truly are. Green looks brown-brown looks green sort of thing. I can see the dot just fine even if I don’t see the true color. The only person I knew that to me was truly colorblind could only see in shades of gray, made stoplights fun. Not sure I have ever met someone who just couldn’t see the color altogether. Would be a hard thing to deal with.

Have you stopped by a range or store that has the type of optics you’re considering to see if you can see them? Based on what other people here have said, you may see the dot, but just as a different color or shade…? Might be worth a trip to the range to check out (and if you luck out and find ammo, all the better!).

Found this one with an option to set to a blue dot. So there must be others out there.


All of the blue dots I have found have been discontinued. IDK why. Unfortunate.

Sorry, I didn’t notice that was discontinued.

The only other one that seems to still be available it this one, but it’s low budget and people have had issues with it being blurry.

Edit: Right after I finished typing the above, I did another search and came up with this one:

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Yeah, from my history with NC star I hope the only people who buy it and use it are our enemies. It’s really unfortunate, because I would prefer a blue dot if I had my choice.


I have noticed problems focusing on blue lights before. Blue is my favorite color, so I was looking into blue lasers for a while because of that, but would blurry dot really be that bad on an optic? You’re not supposed to focus on the dot, but on your target with those, right?

I tend not to trust Chinese gear, though, which is one of the reasons I don’t have anything NC Star has made. I hear that their gear is either really solid or really trashy and you have no way to know which one you got until it breaks on you. Anyone have actual experience?

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Yes, I do. 3 different things–one never worked. one broke instantly. One was so poorly engineered it was basically useless.
In the memorable words of John Kleese, “Run away!”

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