Colorado: Real estate agent defends herself against attacker who has a knife and bear spray

The attacker sprayed her with bear spray, and she fired on him anyway.


When it comes to a weapon and a thug, the one that she seems to have done wrong was not to pull and shoot immediately. No thug is going to listen to a threat. This one had all the earmarks of a rapist and murderer with a well developed scenario to play out. he had his victim in a confined space. His weapons were designed and chosen to kill quietly and disable. Otherwise, he would have had a pistol. This is the nature of a thug. They are all in and would like to take your weapon after using your body for their pleasure/likely killing you.

The hardest thing for citizens who have never had to shoot at someone is to realize this. A thug has no conscience. You either draw and shoot or you don’t. There is literally no middle ground. Especially, for a woman.

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