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There was a time when the Secretary of State position was a sleepy elected office.

Judge rejects Trump motion to dismiss ballot case mid-trial | Courts |

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I would love it if over the last 3 years, folks wrote Trump in to every election for everything, just to see how many folks would rather have him do “X” instead of the others running.


Unfortunately, the majority of the eligible electorate no longer votes at all, especially in primaries where their vote matters.

In my little Colorado county, the Clerk and Recorder sent out 15,000 ballots that failed to list any candidates running in a hotly contested school board race. She had to send out corrected ballots with the correct candidates listed. Said differently, 15,000 people got two ballots. The explanation given was a vague “vendor error.” Apparently, no one from the Clerk’s office looks at the ballots before their vendor mails them out. Utter incompetence, in my view. No wonder people have little confidence in elections.