Colorado Group Asks Governor to Ban ALL Guns

I just saw that. It’s awful, and I cannot imagine the horror.

An interesting point I noted in the article I read was a quote to the effect that France is getting used to frequent knife attacks. Okay, now what? Ban all “assault knives,” or knives with greater than 6" blades?


Then the weak will be oppressed as firearms are an equalizer. I fully agree with your view on egalitarianism, though.

Right, that’s where my head is at when I say I don’t know if I really believe this, anymore.
If we could magically make all firearms disappear, we’d still have baseball bats, swords, rocks, knives, sticks, ropes, etc. Bad guys could still prey upon the weak; the difference is that the weak would have no tool with which to defend themselves against unequal force.

It’s all fantasy, anyway. The genie is out of the bottle with firearms. Basic firearm technology is centuries old. We can’t get rid of nuclear weapons or stop the tide of AI, how would we possibly get rid of firearms?


Truely. It’s all about creating new criminals.

Gun bans won’t eliminate guns, they just create a new class of criminals (you and me and folks like us). Just as Prohibition or the war on drugs did not eliminate alcohol or marijuana, both of which can be easily produced, the bans simply created new populations of criminals to prosecute.

The ATF’s experience with pistol braces illustrates the same principle. The ATF’s ban did not result in the surrender or registration of 10+ million pieces of polymer (that could be produced with a 3d printer), but instantly created a new population of millions of criminals for the ATF and the feds to prosecute.


California Gov Newsom’s proposal of a 28th Amendment, if accepted, will take care of Colorado group’s asking of the gun banning.