Coalition of 16 States join NRA suit

So proud of Arkansas’ Attorney General!
Leslie Rutledge leading coalition of 16 States to side with NRA against New York.

Link to full Amicus Brief in first paragraph.


Why don’t we just desolve ny & be done with it?

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We don’t need no stinking New York. Except the red counties.

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Now if they would join forces against the ATFcommies.

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Danny, I hear what you’re saying… I really do.
As VP of ARPA, I hear like sentiments all too often. It’s unfortunate that so many are unaware of how the NRA operates but, through advocacy, that is changing. I’m sure that you are aware but, I would like to present this info for new members / firearms owners. This is a very simplified / condensed version and the actual scope is much broader.

The NRA can not keep tabs on every single item that needs attention in this great country. Therefore, each State has an affiliate of the NRA. In Arkansas, it is the Arkansas Rifle & Pistol Association. State affiliate members act as a sort of Neighborhood Watch at District, County and City levels. ARPA reports any problems in the state to NRA headquarters.
Now, way too many people think that they can just join the NRA and they have done their part. WRONG. It is this complacency that has allowed many current situations to reach the level that they have. Everyone should also join their State affiliate.

In addition to the affiliates and NRA, there is also Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. These “Big 3” may seem redundant but I assure you that they focus at different levels and have differing tactics. I support all three as well as VCDL in Virginia, Arkansas Gun Owners, and a few others.
I do realize that we are not all “made out of money”, nor am I. I just wish more folks would become educated on what it requires these days to fight for what we have let go too far. If more of us would just pick 1 or 2 other organizations to support, we could make so much more headway.

Look at what Tennessee and Oklahoma have done this year. Both are now 2A Sanctuary States. AR may be close behind them. The fire is slowly spreading. Fan the flames, my friends. :fist: