CNN agrees with mentally ill maniac


So…what did she say?

" Analyst Juliette Kayyem commented on reporting from CNN that, according to law enforcement sources, part of the Louisville bank shooter’s “goal was to show how easy it was in America for someone dealing with a serious mental illness to buy an assault-style weapon” by stating that this statement by the shooter is “correct.” And “what he was telling the world before he started his shooting spree ended up being accurate.” But “his motives might be mixed."

That’s from the article.

I need some help understanding what breitbart is trying to say she said here?

I’m trying to get past the clickbait title

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She said that, according to hearsay from CNN that hearsay from Law Enforcement sources provided hearsay that the shooter said something…but he can’t tell us because he’s dead. So, we will never know now, and the hearsay doesn’t matter. The only highlighted attention getter is “assault style rifle.” That’s what I got. Sorry, best I can do for you. So, we’re back where we were, hah you doin?


I dont know if you are going to be in the news business, but generally, if you use quotes to support some point you are making, it is a bad idea to quote from maniacs, mass shooters, or folks who had admitted to severe mental illness before they committed murder. Why is it a bad idea? Well, it broadcasts to your viewers certain mental kinship you have with the maniac. Also, people may simply distrust anything that came out of a crazy’s mouth.

So someone who is mentally healthy (unlike CNN anchors), may question - if his point was to prove ease of purchase, why didnt just stop at the purchase? Was his point in fact, something else, which required him going to his former place of work for a mass murder act? Maybe the sicko wanted to make a point against GFZs, that make murder of innocents easy in the US? CNN is silent on this.


CNN (is paid) to bring up the “Narrative”
“Gunz bad, Gunner’s EVIL”
"White people bad, Should be terminated with extreme prejudice "
(My interpretation of things only)

CNN lost it’s credibility years ago w/ a lot of people.
Just trying and failing to stay relevant… hard fail