CNBC: Mike Bloomberg drops out of 2020 presidential race, endorses Joe Biden

CNBC: Mike Bloomberg drops out of 2020 presidential race, endorses Joe Biden.

500 million dollars. Just to make a point. He knew he was unelectable. That, my friends is what is known as f u money.

I do not like, nor endorse Bernie Sanders but I feel yet another epic screw over coming for him.


His thinking and policy are still a big problem. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him buy the vice president position if Joe Biden comes out on top.


What a waste of a half of a billion dollars. He could have given me 1%. :wink:
He endorsed Biden so I am sure your right.


Lets hope it is just like HRC, he never attains that what he desires most. For the good of the country. :us:

YAY! He can still do damage but YAY!

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It was only a matter of time. Fingers crossed for The Burn. :wink:

But, the big story is his backing Biden. Now Biden has a billionaire benefactor in his corner.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell ya.

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I can see their plans now. The three killer B’s. Biden president. Bloomberg VP. Beto attorney general. Biden’s dementia overwhelmes him mini Mike takes commander and chief.

I would submit that now he is MORE dangerous. He’s pissed, his pride is wounded and he still has $59.5 Billion to throw around. Watch out in your local and down ballot votes for a significant number of “PAC” funds to hit Dem’s in swing states. He was successful in flipping Virginia and he hasn’t forgotten how to do it. In VA the Dem candidates did not run on gun control and many never mentioned it at all but they gladly took $100K more or less with a wink and a nod and overwhelmed the opposition via the media. I hope the RNC and DJT have a team watching the $$$ and where they are going from Mini Mike.




A power hungry man with a vendetta and the money to fund it is dangerous. God help us…

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At a loss for words! The only one that comes to mind is YAY!!!

All I can say is better watch out for that flood of money he controls coming to a gun control state near you.

But jevus


One of the most significant ways he can help Biden is by turning over all of this “volunteer” networks in place already in a bunch of states. These are the people who canvas neighborhoods, text & call potential voters, put signs on lawns, etc. For most of the other candidates, these are real volunteers. For Bloomberg though… they are paid staffers (I believe well over 2000). And now they will work for Biden. They are incredibly organized and well funded.

On top of that, Bloomberg will just dump more money into a SuperPAC to help Biden.

He will also face far less scrutiny as basically an ATM than he would as a presidential candidate. He was probably tired of releasing people from NDAs, and tired of answering questions about his Stop & Frisk policy.

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Thank you Citizens United. I hate that case. That’s what has put so much money into runs for office now.


At the same time, Palpatine is still quite dangerous… A lying billionaire with a desire to shape this nation according to his preferences. These people act as if being wealthy automatically qualifies you to tell the rest of us what to do, Bill of Rights be damned. :v:t5: