Clothes dryer seems to take longer to dry clothes

if you have a gas or electric clothes takes longer the it use too it may be the dryer exhaust system being lint clogged my was and once I had it cleaned out my dryer works like new and unbeknownst to me I had a two foot lint plug that had formed in the exhaust pipe even that I clean the lint trap every time I finish using it, I know you may think that this has nothing to do with guns or gear but if I did do this it very well have caused a fire most likely when I’m at work in which could very well burn all my gear and guns, you see the way I see it is out responsibility to safe guard our guns and gear. This is just a friendly information that may help everyone.


Yep, it doesn’t have really anything to do with firearms, but then again it is in the Miscellaneous so section.

I clean ours out, I’ve never had more than a little fluff, but you had 2 feet!

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I just want to put it out because there was a fire in Glendale Arizona and it was cause by it and it burn the whole house down to the ground and all the the firemen could do is keep people away because of live rounds were cooking off those in boxes and in magazines all was a totally lost,

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That’s why I have a gun safe and an ammo safe.

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Past ordeal with a fairly new unit that is well maintained.
Pending your dryer type there are sometimes not one but two heating elements. If one goes out the dyer will still produce lukewarm heat but not the mild oven normal.
You’d have to get a multi meter and test continuity on each heating element conductor after unplugging it.
You can research the model number somewhere on the drier and usually call a local repair / parts business. A good company will even take the time to educate you if your part looks different because of upgraded parts.
Some dryers will simply stop producing heat if the lent trap is clogged, lent path that the screen slides into, and even the aluminum exhaust hose or exit portal on the roof / wall outside is clogged.
Last time I cleaned my dryer I discovered a nice near 1/2 inch felt blanket from lent that found its way down the back to underneath! Wow! Lucky it didn’t blaze. Every 3 months I check it now.

Good reminder!

I personally know someone who lost their house in a fire last year. Investigation revealed the fire started from the dryer that was left running just before they went to sleep.

I’d say this goes along the lines of home defense :smiley:

Now how do you keep the chipmunks out of the dryer vent? :thinking:


Place peanut butter in a tray outside😃

Dawn I can not advise you on this one because living here in the Arizona desert no chipmunks here so that not a issue, I just posted the dryer thing because there was a fire in Glendale cause buy a blocked dryer exhaust and took the house to the ground all firemen could do is keep people at a safe distance all their ammo in boxes and magazines cook off they listed everything so it’s just my way of getting the word out. Take care and be safe.

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