Close to Home: A Self-Defense Incident’s Impact on Your Family | USCCA

In my previous article published in the July issue of Concealed Carry Magazine (“The Second Fight,” Page 76), I discussed the psychological impact a person may experience in the aftermath of a self-defense incident. I touched on the “four circles” of individuals impacted during a shooting incident. But how does a self-defense incident negatively impact the lives of those closest to you?

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I am very glad that the suggestion was made to contact USCCA if you are being harassed at work for defending yourself just because your boss or coworker doesn’t like guns. I once worked at a company and they often gave out nice little gifts. This one new lady vice-president got all upset because one gift was one of those smallest Swiss Army knives!

Very good advise, We share the same Scots/Irish surname. You seem to know what that includes.