Close down these circus Trump trials

Details, details…


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My limited experience with that site has been…terrible.

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Link was fixed.

Other news sites, though probably none that are part of the MSM, have covered this, too.

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Well we all know what is going on,all the drats that have lied about trump they have done nothing to them, but i noticed that an FBI agent that they said lied about our so called President is still in jail it,s plain to see what in going on.


You know the trials aren’t to convict President Trump! The trials are to keep him off the campaign trail!! Which has backfired!!! The trials have become his campaign, and he is winning!!!


Hold On A Minute, Don’t Get Too Excited. Yea, they may have altered the evidence But Hey, It’s OK, It’s all done to make sure they GET TRUMP. It’s for the cause so the laws of preserving evidence can be bent and broken.


They may as soon as he goes to jail which i hope he don’t.

Oooh oooh ohh! Let me guess,…. If they can get Trump into a jail, especially since it’s decided he’s running against bite me,…. Then we can go full blown communist and just kill him and make up some :ox::poop: story.

Bite me wins by a landslide as the only candidate! :clap::clap::clap:

Sounds familiar?

Didn’t Putin just win an election?


Can’t do it in jail. If they use the Putin method the head line will have to be “Donald splattered on the sideway out side of The Trump Tower, reports say it was a terrible accident…”.


When I hear them spewing “Threat to Democracy!” … :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: