Civilian Defense circa 2023

It looks like a two front war is brewing, and it looks like our Biden infrastructure is completely inadequate to mount a response, much less a deterrent.
You know the problems well so I won’t go to them here.
However, this situation is not without precedents.
In World War 2 the Great Depression had put the US in an economic tar pit.
The US was bound by treaties that crippled the construction of improved warships.
Politics and banking were influenced by numerous bad actors both domestic and from abroad.

A great deal has been written on prepping for a supposed SHTF scenarios, but the SHTF didn’t happen here back during WW2. Americans responded by supporting Civilian Defense, and that is what I’d like to discuss here.
A lot goes into fighting a war besides combat arms, and those things are matters of Civilian Defense.
So how would everyday Americans support a war effort today?

Would you sit on a local draft board? Take first aid classes and serve as a block warden? Would you plant a victory garden so more farm grown could be sent to the troops overseas? Submit to rationing of gas and other products to support the effort? Would you welcome troops in transit at a USO? Would you invest in War Bonds?

When I hear of folks hording arms and ammo just in case, I wonder if it’s kind of a detached reality when faced with actual reality (in lieu of all out nuclear attack of course!)

I’m not dissing the necessity of keeping an adequate supply of ammo in view of the politically (maybe) driven shortages, but there is a difference between that an outfitting an armored brigade.

Your thoughts?


I think the usual type of citizen will step up. Just like they always have. Fewer in number to be sure. The younger of them will join the military and do their duty.

The rest of them will do nothing but protest and whine about anything that touches their little worlds. They may also do what they did during the War on Terror, which was nothing.

These days, they might call for us to surrender.

Many of us agreed with this statement while we were deploying and getting ready to deploy since 2001. It was this: “The Army is at war, America is at the mall”.

Most people could not have cared less about the wars or the people fighting it. At least they did not treat us like our brother Vietnam veterans. I will never forgive the left for that either.


I think this is only truly applicable to the losers of The Great War, notably Germany, with embarrassing naval restrictions and untenable reparation payments

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My opinion is while this whole situation (not just our country) The world seems to be “In Flux” for lack of a better global term/phrase. People are ‘waking-up’ but it still seems too many are asleep and prefer to be sheep. Let the gubment handle it…‘He who will not be named’ aka: resident Pudding pantz is doing a good job… How ANYONE can still say that amazes me!. But for the truly woke that’s their story and they are going to ride it down like the Titanic.


You raise some very good points. Those of us that know would hand our pots and pans over to the volunteer at the door. Buy War Eggs. Sew in the factory etc. But that’s because we now know that’s how we achieved victory. I run in circles of men and women that have and would step up, many are combats veterans. The younger men and women “seem” like they would but who knows. My concern isn’t so much what Americans would do, I’m concerned about the hundreds of thousands or even millions of people that are here from those countries that we may be in conflict with, what will they do?


PART 2: Ooops, pressed the wrong button. I have NO idea what will happen. Sometimes I almost wish “That Spark” was ignited and I didn’t have a choice but to arm-up and step in. Invasion by a foreign power? seems unlikely @ this time. The enemy today in my humble opinion is domestic not foreign, but Civil (or un-civil) action is a bad idea also. As been said here on this very site by minds greater than mine, and I echo these thoughts: I’ve been ‘In the S—!’ It is still fresh in my mind the ‘fire fights’ the loss of my brothers, the pain and injuries suffered. The scars may have healed physically but the trauma still is awfully fresh. I don’t want to revisit that. EVER. But a lot of Innocents are getting hurt now, Children are getting screwed over @ an alarming rate. I may not have a choice to let ‘others’ do the fighting.
People have used words like Demonic, cabal, S0cialists, fascists etc are the cause. Clearly (to me) the world is going to be in for a rude awakening because certain factions ‘Want IT ALL!’ now.
If there is any action the ‘beauty’ if you can call it that will be easier because so many people are SHEEP!
If you DON’T have to fight everybody the task will be easier on most fronts. My answer to this Civil Defense article is HOW MUCH S— are WE WILLING TO EAT?, How much over reach/Intrusion, Gestapo tactics are we going to put up with before change is going to have to be put into effect? Where is our Line In the sand? Waco, Ruby Ridge etc didn’t do it. A weaponized IRS, Batfe, Jan6th Lies/deception stirred the pot but not to a boil over.
I don’t have the answer to those questions yet, but I do feel we are racing towards those answers like a runaway train. How crazy does it have to get for people to finally say ENOUGH? What it took for Virginia back in the Civil War was being invaded…What it took for us to be pulled in WW2 was Pearl Harbor… I don’t want to experience another 9/11 for people to finally say OK, that’s enough!.
Politics’/Politicians are the problem, they are NOT the solution so answers from that front are a joke… But we are being pushed into a corner and Brothers/Sisters nobody has ever WON when that flash point EXPLODES ! AMERICAN’s ( when the stacks aren’t insurmountable against us by our own legislators) Have always prevailed. We may not be at our strongest now but just ask the British how it felt when they tried their BS WAR on the simple Colonists… They poked the bear and were eaten… It will happen again. When we HAVE to respond we have always responded till we vanquished the enemy…certain entities in this country have forgotten this and it is to their peril.


I would support any war effort needed.However I’m one of the guys buying up ammo and supplies.I too think something bad is going to happen here.When we are willing to give full blown rioters city blocks and let them burn and loot with impunity the flashpoint is close .Those of us in the country aren’t going to put up with that noise.Hope there’s no ww3 or civil disobedience but I’ll be damn ready if it does.


Not to mention, the police lines set up around them was not to stop them or keep them in, the police lines were there to keep citizens out.


I’m surprised with everything going on in SLC that they just don’t leave the lines up