Civil War, is it inevitable or avoidable?

It is quite evident that we are not going to agree on this topic. I would just have one question for you though, what would President Trump have to do for you to call for his impeachment and removal from office? Or is it like Trump said himself he could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth Avenue and his supporters would still be solidly behind him.

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Your statement has a valid point and therefore should not be ignored.

If you study history you find many men who did not die in vain. I’m not “suggesting” action, but rather avoid it at all costs. Again, it’s not about our president, but protecting the vote we gave in the 2016 election. I promise I would die for “your” rights as well…

My opinions are sometimes controversial as well as they may change, but those which have been stated or facts.

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Well, I guess if he played with a cigar and an intern in the Ovil office then lied about it under oath I would consider his removal appropriate.

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Can you provide some links to further reading? I searched on the story and didn’t see anything that updated the original reports? The only new detail I was able to find was that she now lives in California with her grandfather.

I see we both agree, certainly Trump lying about paying off a porn star he had an affair with would certainly qualify.

For exactly the same things that I would call for Obama and Clintons removal and impeachment, can you say the same?

My main purpose here other than to educate is to simply try and help keep people out of jail or ending up dead.

Threads like these will always draw attention from sources we’d rather not get too excited and I’d hate to see any of the decent folks posting here find themselves in a year or years from now paying a terrible price for speaking their minds in the here and now.

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No, I presented a specific set of circumstances.

You then deflected and avoided the question entirely.

Most of what ANTIFA does and has done since it’s founding is agitate, intimidate, and/or attack innocent people.

They use the tactics of the worsts of fascists while claiming to be anti fascists themselves.

They are no better than the brown shirts of 1930’s Germany and Italy.


How about commit an actual “high crime” or sell us out to a foreign power, or otherwise commit an egregious violation of his oath of office?


Indeed James, the dialogue must continue. Imo, a united front against unconstitutional measures is necessary though. So many are not even aware of the rights acknowledged in the constitution and whom the constitution is constraining. Those rights aren’t granted by it, they are a guarantee of them, and a constraint for government. Any government be it local, state or federal to deny them controlling legislation against those rights. The convos on many platforms gravitate towards civil war 2.0 I think it’s important to be reminded that it is a possibility. And that in that event it will be “brother against brother” yet again. No one wants that. But those that don’t remember that it is a very real possibility must be made aware.


Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist Papers warned that the process of impeachment might become political, causing factions to polarize further away from each other in their defense or prosecution of the impeached individual. It’s not about what’s best for one side but what’s best for America. Unfortunately I think Hamilton would be very disappointed.


I doubt I could ever agree with you. See you at the polls my friend. #MAGA

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What most folks pushing his impeachment don’t realize is that they are setting the standard and when the pendulum swings back the next Democratic president could very well face something similarly in retaliation.

The “smooth transition of gov’t” the US has always been envied for is on the endangered species list and has been since Gore vs Bush.

What happened to taking your losses, looking at what you did wrong and simply coming back with a better candidate or better campaign or both in the next election?



You, sir, are appreciate and by no means should your voice be silenced. However, there is no threat in my statement of posing a threat to the great citizens of this country. Actually it’s the complete opposite of that.

I’m only saying that the voice of the people need not be ignored as well as ALL of the congress (Left, Right, or middle) being open with the people. I do have one question…you stated some accusations that have been placed on the president, but what about transparency? I thought democracy dies in darkness? We have a group of people sitting behind closed doors discussing high crimes against the president, but these days people tend to forget that all have been presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

Therefore, there is the burden of proof.


I don’t think this effort to impeach Trump has anything to do with overturning 2016’s election. But more to do with swaying Independents for 2020 and besmirching Republicans as much as they can. I think Gun Confiscation has been brought up very deliberately to get Republican’s to over react so Independents will think we don’t have a plan.

But my words would be this. Wake up 2020 is for all of the marbles. The election is important, but the bigger issue is the Census and redistricting. That’s how the Republicans remained relevant even though they shot themselves in the foot over and over. You honestly, think the Democratic Party didn’t learn from that.

We have to stop fighting petty bipartisanship battles and reach across the aisle and find a way back to the middle


Y’all can do better than that by Minding The House Rules.
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AGREED! I think others, even myself don’t consider there is no tone when typing so, people won’t know how it’s received.

I realized I’m always so nice and polite but to others it can perceived as arrogant or “all knowing” from a received point.

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Never in our lives have we needed a president that works to bring together the parties, rather than use fear or hate to separate them. A person who works with a win-win mindset. Then again, our media makes those they hate. look like evil people, when they really aren’t. Why anyone would want to be president is beyond me, but we need someone to lead, or we’ll all lose.


I feel that Mueller’s findings of Trump’s obstruction of justice was way more than enough to initiate the impeachment process, and it frustrates me that Pelosi resisted doing so. I get her reasoning, but by not doing so, it feels as though we’re letting crimes go unpunished. Letting potential crimes go unpunished at the presidential level is not something I am comfortable with, regardless of party.

I fully support the current impeachment process that’s going on now. Based on the transcript alone, it seems very black and white to me that there was blatant quid-pro-quo, and Trump seeking help from a foreign government to help with his election. Even if one is unsure of this actually being the case, it should be, in the very least, investigated. I’m happy that there’s at least one of Trump’s potential crimes that we’re going to potentially call him on, should these interviews support there having been a crime that was committed - and so far, all hearing interviews have collaborated what the whistleblower raised concerns about, and how that transcript itself reads.

The public hearings are starting right now. I’m absolutely frustrated that I will miss some of them today due to having commitments elsewhere. I’m a HUGE politics junky - spend probably an average of two hours a day reading and watching… I’d call in “sick” to everything I have to do today, but these people would know I was lying, just so I could stay home and watch, lol.

While I don’t agree…at the same time people must realize that Pence will take office. Therefore, nothing is going to change other than Pence is not as funny, but all together he is a Christian man.

So Hey! Let’s see!

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