Civil War, is it inevitable or avoidable?

I’m actually glad you did post it. Because pro-gun liberals are a bit rare, and those that are willing to speak about it are even rarer, we don’t get to put a “face” to the conversation very often. It is extremely useful to do so… people aren’t political parties and if we mean to be effective in changing the world we need to remember that in every interaction.

Most of my communities run towards conservative, but a few (health coaching, bellydancing) are generally very far liberal… I’m one of very few voices who speak any conservative opinions in those arenas. Folks there can be brutal about my views, some even after years of knowing me. It sucks.

We’re much better behaved here.


If you have read some of my posts I look like a conservative leaning Republican. I am not a member of any party and I vote for who thinks along as many of the same lines as I do. There are some things I will not compromise on and some I will.

All that being said I have some very left liberal Democrat friends who yell at me if I dont invite them along to go to the range. They enjoy owning guns and shooting but their focus in politics is not the same as mine. That does NOT mean we cant still be friends and still debate different subjects.

If you are here and respectful to others (as most of us here try to be) then we have a basis for being friends that can agree to disagree on some subjects and still enjoy the things we do have in common.

I hope that all made sense.


@LolaKinks Here is an article link with more background.


@Greg1, while I see that more of a poor retort more than anything else, I’ll admit that it’s an amazingly stupid retort by Swalwell. Nukes? Like, the got some fancy nukes that only targets the gun owners who start a war? He could have gone with at least tanks or fighter jets or something somewhat logical at least, lol.

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People have already been targeted because of Trumps rhetoric. Funny how Trump gets a pass when it comes to Trump being Trump when the same people would never given Clinton or Obama a pass on anything. The hypocrisy is deafening.

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I guess I see it as more than a poor retort. Recently a 12 year old Kansas school girl was arrested for making a “finger gun” gesture at some classmates. Even though her actions were done as part of a teacher lead class discussion she is facing Felony charges. So a member of Congress running for POTUS making a comment about attacking American citizens on American soil with nuclear weapons getting a pass really seems like a double standard. Where is the “Zero Tolerance”, why wasn’t Swalwell “Red Flagged”?

From what I have read in your posts, you are new to firearm ownership. It is unfortunate that you have had to start your experience with guns because you are concerned about your safety… it is a lot more fun if you start out with a Daisy Cub shooting pop cans under the watchful supervision of your Dad and see the enjoyable side of them while growing up. But here you are in a community that really doesn’t care about each others political affiliations as much as we do about being able to continue to have access to firearms that is protected by the 2nd amendment. Here you are a gun owner, if an unconstitutional law is passed it will affect liberal and conservative gun owners equally.


I said that to Lola because I was trying to make her feel welcome here. My point was that our President says things from a negotiation perspective and backs away so as to take a little, give a little as a negotiation tactic. I used this because that is exactly what he does every time.
This platform is apolitical and I am not here to talk politics with you or anybody else. There are hundreds if not thousands of political forums to talk and or vent for that and this is not the place for politics as you can see by some talking about politicians and being stopped. And I’m to tired of all the political talk its a snooze to be truthful.



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Seriously, I’d be very careful about posting such things online. In the event Trump is impeached and one of the Dem’s wins the next election it could come back to haunt you.


I can agree with being non political but you opened the door to the discussion. You can’t have it both ways.

Conservatives and Republicans have also been targeted, attacked, harassed, derided in large numbers all across the country starting within hours of his election as well.

For all his faults Trump hasn’t intentionally used his bully pulpit to encourage that kind of behavior but many democrats associated with the “Resist Movement”, Antifa and similar groups have done so in a very organized and intentional way.

That mirror shines both ways.

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The girl was asked who she would kill given the opportunity and used the “finger gun” shooting gesture to point them out. That is communicating a death threat or terrorist threat.

It was not benign nor playful. Some further reading on that story might be helpful.

This is one of the stupidest things I have heard yet. I worked with nuclear weapons for over 5 years while in Germany. The only way the US would use them on US soil would be as a last resort on an invading foreign force.

Due to security clearance restrictions/violations I can not and will not go into details. Just trust me on this one


To claim equivalence between antifa and the supremacist groups they oppose is false. However I do think antifa tactics are dangerous and counterproductive.

This sword cuts both ways - there are plenty of people who would (and did) give Clinton and Obama a pass on things they’d never stand for in a republican.

Point being, hypocrisy is deafening on BOTH sides. And as long as hypocrisy is the rule of the day, there will be no momentum towards finding any sort of common ground. All the momentum is for wider and wider chasms and less and less inclination to try to understand the other side.

And that’s how a civil war gets started.


Welcome @LolaKinks – just to reassure, there are a number of folks here who tend blue, even really blue. You’ll find in general that dialogue is pretty civil, even when we disagree. You’ll definitely hear views that you don’t agree with, but the respect for dialogue and diverse opinions is what keeps at least this liberal coming back.

I’m a combat vet who always had a gun in the back of the closet, but never really thought about it. It was Charlotsville that got me serious about CCW, and the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that sealed the deal. I’m now as engaged as I can be, and train whenever I can. USCCA is a terrific community with tremendous resources to get you up to speed.

Welcome aboard!


Thank you for the welcome, and I can definitely see that this is a respectful area. I can’t say I’ve seen a place like this before where the attacks don’t run wild. I really dig this place!


What supremacist groups are they facing when they are assaulting old men and women, and journalists on the streets just trying to go about their day in places like Portland and Seattle?


Have you heard of a place called Charlottesville?

You avoided the question poorly.