Civil War, is it inevitable or avoidable?

The girl was asked who she would kill given the opportunity and used the “finger gun” shooting gesture to point them out. That is communicating a death threat or terrorist threat.

It was not benign nor playful. Some further reading on that story might be helpful.

This is one of the stupidest things I have heard yet. I worked with nuclear weapons for over 5 years while in Germany. The only way the US would use them on US soil would be as a last resort on an invading foreign force.

Due to security clearance restrictions/violations I can not and will not go into details. Just trust me on this one


To claim equivalence between antifa and the supremacist groups they oppose is false. However I do think antifa tactics are dangerous and counterproductive.

This sword cuts both ways - there are plenty of people who would (and did) give Clinton and Obama a pass on things they’d never stand for in a republican.

Point being, hypocrisy is deafening on BOTH sides. And as long as hypocrisy is the rule of the day, there will be no momentum towards finding any sort of common ground. All the momentum is for wider and wider chasms and less and less inclination to try to understand the other side.

And that’s how a civil war gets started.


Welcome @LolaKinks – just to reassure, there are a number of folks here who tend blue, even really blue. You’ll find in general that dialogue is pretty civil, even when we disagree. You’ll definitely hear views that you don’t agree with, but the respect for dialogue and diverse opinions is what keeps at least this liberal coming back.

I’m a combat vet who always had a gun in the back of the closet, but never really thought about it. It was Charlotsville that got me serious about CCW, and the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh that sealed the deal. I’m now as engaged as I can be, and train whenever I can. USCCA is a terrific community with tremendous resources to get you up to speed.

Welcome aboard!


Thank you for the welcome, and I can definitely see that this is a respectful area. I can’t say I’ve seen a place like this before where the attacks don’t run wild. I really dig this place!


What supremacist groups are they facing when they are assaulting old men and women, and journalists on the streets just trying to go about their day in places like Portland and Seattle?


Have you heard of a place called Charlottesville?

You avoided the question poorly.



Thanks, but I’ll take my chances while practicing my First Amendment and Second Amendment right.

I do however get your warning but must I be the first to be prosecuted for such would actually make me proud. Keep in mind our forefathers faced being hung for treason, yet here we are. Also, Jesus was hung on a cross for not just saying the truth, but being the incarnated truth living in the persons’ of a man. Make no mistake, that he was not forced unto the cross, and could have called on legions of angles yet bore the cross for “FREEDOM” of our past, present, and future sins.

Randall W. Anderson


If the press gave honest coverage to ANTFI and focused less on the one lone crazy person at Charlottesville the political atmosphere would be much calmer. People are being assaulted for wearing MAGA hats, members of the president’s cabinet are assaulted, along with their families, the President himself is harrassed daily by false accusations (Muller BS), our honest media ignores obvious conflicts of interest with Joe and Hunter Biden and government agencies (FBI, CIA, DOJ, & NSA) were weaponize by the Obama administration. Congress is paralyzed by hate and are doing nothing for the American people they are supposed to serve. Nineteen minutes after President Trump was sworn in the Democrats entered a resouti6of impeachment. I predict that 19 minutes after this BS hits the Senate it will all be flush6down the toilet; where it belongs.


I talk to my Congressman staff fairly often to let them know that I am very concerned with their stance and voting record on 2A


We welcome people of all backgrounds, @LolaKinks! As long as you bring respectful conversation, you’re welcome here! Not everyone is going to agree with everyone else on all topics, so respectful conversation is what can bring us all together. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here!


To echo Zee. We are pro2A here. I’m a far right Republican on the military and the Constitution. Libertarian on pretty much everything else. Alot of us are ex military or current military and did so, so that you could always have your Constitutionally protected opinions and rights protected.

I hope your CCW permit comes through and speaking as a member of the USCCA only. You can’t go wrong with looking for a comfortable fit among their instructors, and who knows maybe join the USCCA. It brings me great peace of mind knowing there’s someone out there with your best interests at heart if you ever have to , God forbid, use your weapon in self defense.

Interesting tidbit. CCW permit holders are probably the most law abiding group across all demographics. Including LEO’s. We mostly just want to be left alone.

Good luck and be safe.


Dead or in prison you’ll be out of the fight either way.

Personally I think it’s best to remain in the shadows until the shooting starts.

Jesus also knew he’d be resurrected, that’s not an option for us.


To the contrary, you presented a leading question that completely ignored my statement of fact that antifa was in Charlottesville to protest the reprehensible activities of the supremacist. My point was there is no moral equivalency between antifa protesting and the activities of the supermacists, hence my rhetorical question “what about Charlottesville”.I already answered the second part of your question by stating that I thought that the groups other activities are counterproductive.

That should be a billboard ! ^^^^


It is quite evident that we are not going to agree on this topic. I would just have one question for you though, what would President Trump have to do for you to call for his impeachment and removal from office? Or is it like Trump said himself he could shoot somebody in the middle of fifth Avenue and his supporters would still be solidly behind him.

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Your statement has a valid point and therefore should not be ignored.

If you study history you find many men who did not die in vain. I’m not “suggesting” action, but rather avoid it at all costs. Again, it’s not about our president, but protecting the vote we gave in the 2016 election. I promise I would die for “your” rights as well…

My opinions are sometimes controversial as well as they may change, but those which have been stated or facts.

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Well, I guess if he played with a cigar and an intern in the Ovil office then lied about it under oath I would consider his removal appropriate.

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