Citizen FD/PD Academies

So in 2017 I did the local combined cities FD and PD Citizens Academy.

The DUI night was interesting. Learned a lot that night, like the eyes never lie.

Being up on the 110 foot ladder in the FD was a sight to see.

sim bullets

a water containment vessel

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That’s awesome, @BJP! The Citizen’s Academy in the city I was living in was the first time I ever shot pistols. The first was a Glock - I was terrible! The Sergeant offered to let me use his Sig… it’s been love ever since.

Has anyone else done the Citizen’s Academy?


I played bad guy during “swat training”. I shot my best friend’s mom! LOL


I’m dating myself here but once upon a time you could in many states become a police officer by simply volunteer to do so and get approved by the department head.

I was thinking very hard of making LE a career and spent six months working as a volunteer officer following a year of Police Explorers in NM.

I got a better offer from Uncle Sam and decided to go that way but it was very educational.