Cincinnati Ohio / NKY

This site is great you get a lot of information from people all over the country from different walks of life and background I’d like to create this post though for people in the area of Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky to talk about issues that affect us in our area that maybe some other places are not dealing with or not on the radar and maybe even bring people in our area together so please if you’re in the Cincinnati Ohio Northern Kentucky area please comment or strike up a conversation


I dont have much input, other than; me and my fiancee will be moving to Ohio next year, and the first place we took off our list was the Cincinnati, north Kentucky area, due to crime rates, tax rates and general gun law differences between the two states. So we are looking closer to Akron, most likely Dover. So, sorry I didnt have much input, I just hope you stay safe down there!

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I live in Northern Kentucky. It became a constitutional carry state when Bevin was governor, there is the option of applying for concealed carry though. I went through the process of getting the permit mainly for reciprocity due to being a tri state area. I have found Kentucky to be quite firearm and 2nd amendment friendly


Ohio, not so much