Church volunteer safety personnel

As a church volunteer safety person, at times the church has vendors come in to sell their product. As the church security person, am I responsible for that vendor if he was to get robbed on church property?

As a volunteer, I would think you aren’t personally responsible for anyone’s safety, legally speaking. Even police officers are not “responsible” for the safety of others. They are responsible for enforcing laws. You are not law enforcement.

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Welcome…it’s good your church sees the need to address the safety of the congregation, and that you offered to help with that

Welcome aboard.
I agree with @45IPAC, that as a volunteer I don’t believe you can be held liable for the actions of others.

Maybe @Dawn can link this to the Charlottesville discussion. We’re discussing how the city isn’t liable for the actions of an individual on that subject.

Let’s flip the script a bit. Let us say the vendor was getting robbed and I stepped in to assist and the bad guy is hurt/shot, besides USCCA, who would pay my lawyer fees. The vendor sure would not. The church liability insurance might not. The vendor is making money at my expense if I choose to intervene. What say you?

Here’s a link to that Charlottesville discussion. I think it’s different enough from this one to leave them both stand alone.

I would check with the church elders/leaders/office staff to see what the church’s insurance says about liability of others’ property in the church. I highly doubt you would be responsible for anything - however, that doesn’t mean they won’t attempt to sue you or anyone else they can think of to sue. (:roll_eyes:)

If the vendor is getting robbed, let the robber take the product. Self-defense, not stuff defense.

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Thanks Dawn for your quick response.