Church Security Teams Communication Tools

Check the USCCA’s self defense liability insurance policy (issued by UFCIC), on which members are additional insureds.

Check h, occupational use, under exclusions, page 3/12.

For further questions, call the number on the back of your card and ask away


God Bless you and your buddie, Otto.
I pray you never have to use them.


Amen to that!


We have radios and ear pieces.
We also use Slack on our phones to post any BOLO’s and such.

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I guess it really depends on the situation but also the church size and culture.

In my church, if someone suddenly had a medical emergency, the service would stop. The most qualified people in the service would attend to the person until help arrived, and everyone else would pray. Similarly, if a child went missing, it’s likely that a dozen people or more would join the search. The service would resume a few minutes later when they all returned.

I know this is probably not how things work if your church is the size of a shopping mall, but that’s how things are in my area. So our main communication tool is our mouth, plus a couple of microphones that usually work.

I used to visit a medium sized Quaker church. There were absolutely no secrets in that church, and there was very minimal structure. Then again, I don’t think they had a security team, either.