Church Security - is your church ahead of the curve?

Please be full alert in every area of your security and please always communicate. Many of our
people are Navy and will defend and protect at any cost. 12 of these gentlemen are from the
Korean and Vietnam ERA and still very active in life. Then there is your training to go to and that
is in MAY,2020; We are going to take classes that will help us legally and better organizing. We
are all trained, but our training will fit our task at hand, COMMUNICATIONS ! No sleeping on the

There are around 30 firearms and all people have need to work together. I am the person that helped turn the wheel on these plans and the Education for USCCA, I helped set the Foundations. Time, Prayer, Research and the Willingness to learn is a Gift. Guns and ammo do not have a Brain, Heart, or Feet ! I am not the only person on that team and it takes all of us.

Our Safety and Security in our church is to prevent any Harm, or Death in our Services and to prevent World War 2.5, by using any firearms. Thank You !


I thought I had this whole thing pretty much figured out until I moved to a new place. Started going to a Church that is waiting for their building to be cleared by the inspectors and they have been meeting in High School theater building since November. I don’t believe that even though no classes go on during the weekend that a weapon is permitted inside the building. So till we get into the new building we are pretty much a gun free zone.

yes our church does have a security person at present and working on getting a team together. issues such as insurance ,competence and many others were raised and discussed. meanwhile I have stepped forward and volunteered to be considered for the team . in a cowboy church I KNOW we have more than a few concealed carry people in attendance as well

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I am a member of my church security team. We have just recently started putting one together on paper but, unfortunately, it looks like at the moment we are going to be rather limited with what we will be able to do. For the sake of keeping our church as safe as possible, I won’t say the name of it, but our Pastor won’t allow anyone in the building at any time with a concealed weapon. He has his reasons and I respect his position and wishes, however, I do carry concealed TO church and leave it in my vehicle in the parking lot when I get there.


This might be a legal issue. I did night patrol for an apartment complex in Texas. We were “safety monitors” rather than security. The controlling agency here is PSB (Private Security Board) and has some specific requirements to those who would call themselves security. Further, any litigation that might follow an event would suggest a less onerous mission if you could say you were a safety monitor as opposed to “security”. Lawyers love to massage this kind of stuff for juries. My 2 cents.

Late reply and I’m not an attorney. If your congregation was “renting” the school venue, then the school is not a school: It is a church (by contract). This would definitely be worth one hour of time from a good lawyer in the know but I think you would have been okay, presuming the church venue laws in your state.
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Another philosophy is to be “Left of Bang”.

Hows he going to know? Concealed means CONCEALED.

That has absolutely nothing to do with the topic. This is not the place for that conversation.

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