Christmas Eve - Delta/USCCA Hours

It’s time to get nestled and snug for the most wonderful season of all.

After 11 PM Central tonight, we will be celebrating with our families tomorrow so the offices will be closed. We will return messages after 6 AM Central on December 26.

Remember to leave out cookies and milk for Santa! What are you hoping he brings you?


A free country, or the choice of red pill or blue pill! I seriously can’t decide!

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Another healthy year for me and Family.

Rest can be managed…

Marry Christmas guys :christmas_tree:

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To everyone at Delta Defense and USCCA. stay safe.



Guys, I hope you know that you can track Santa…
Track Him and be prepared :+1:

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I’m hoping for some venison for Christmas. I’ll follow Santa’s sleigh.

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Not tacos and tequila ?