Chiraq: (17) Dead, (81) Wounded Q: Who won the Pool?

Happy Independence Weekend Chicago!
This is getting out of control.

Where We Go 1 We Go All


They …Edited my Topic header… That ain’t right.


I stopped reading when the article said:

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said he plans to address public safety issues by

We’re going to put up more street fights, install flower boxes, change the atmosphere from one of violence to peace and harmony, encourage locals to water the flowers, sweep the streets blah blah blah.


It is just astonishing there are still Blind sheep who don’t see this?
By the way my ‘altered; Topic Title was "Who won the Pool?’


Then go back and fix it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
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I don’t know what this say’s about me but INTERESTING GRAPHIC! :upside_down_face:
I think they don’t aim for the head as much as they get lucky…

“Shoot Back Better!” (SBB) (from the article, I didn’t make it up…pity




Liberal solution: disharm law abiding gun owners.


Mister Don, please excuse me and ignore my question if you think I’m being nosy but it is on your public profile after all: I’m still trying to imagine a scenario where you lost all your guns in a wake/freak boating accident…

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Johnson who on vacation during the mass shootings blamed the violence on white people that have oppressed the black communities. It’s getting old!


It’s just a favorite Tee-shirt Brother. Amazon (of course)

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White people do this?
Really? Seriously?

I think he needs to sharpen that point on his head the racist bestard.


Brandon Johnson is pushing for reparations. Apparently Brandon Johnson fails to realize how much cold hard cash from dope dealing is in the ghetto.


He knows, he just doesn’t want to admit it.


Karen I pray for you and your family every night.
(I’m not a religious type guy, but I have an understanding with the Boss)
American’s should not have to live with this Bullsh**!
This is out of control.
Reparations? FOR WHAT? .gov Hairhat in Cali is pushing that also.
Folk’s need to put down the pipes and GET phuckin’ JOBS!
Have some pride (not that PRIDE), stop looking for a free ride!
I’m sick of this.
Good people are impacted daily with this outrageous crime spree.
People are flooding into Cactus Junction from Californication and up North.
We can’t absorb much more of those folk’s, we need to FIX the country not flee it!
(sorry, had an incident @ work yesterday)

Updated numbers: More than 100 people were shot in Chicago from Thursday, July 4, through Sunday, July 7. Nineteen of those people died. Johnson said the violence did not happen in a vacuum.
They keep updating the numbers I’m going to have to call a new ‘POOL’ winner!


Good morning Don and thank you for the prayers. We need them here in CHIRAQ as it is a war zone. I am sorry that you had an incident work yesterday. I completely understand as I work with the far left and they create the problems and then try to blame others when reality hits.
I gave my resignation after my boss, the owner of the company flipped me off in front of clients. I was his best sales woman.
This man, and I use that term loosely, inherited a business , never had to work hard to make a living, never served his country and treats his employees like garbage. I am all for family businesses and the little guy making it but not by stepping all over other people. I did not march in the Fourth of July Parade to honor my boss. Clarity hit and I went to pay respect to my father buried in Elwood, IL the Lincoln Memorial Veteran Cemetary.
As I am retired with a full pension I am not worried about leaving this job. 109 Shot…


Sounds like “systemic liberalism”. We need common sense laws.
Furthermore, who really gives a sh#t? They get what they voted for.
The only reason I might care, is the amount of ammo left on the shelf for the law abiding citizens!


Machines voted for it Scott - the Chicago Political Machine the very same people that stole the last election in America. Once Obama was selected the Chicago Political Machine was/still is the majority of the swamp in DC. Most of IL is a Republican state and every election for the past 100 years as been stolen by the Political Machine.
Reality , most of the States had more votes for Obama than Il. You should checks the polling stats.


I think until recently, last 60ish years, most of our laws were common sense laws. Then the left started taking everything to court suing. Both parties, in an effort to get ahead of the situation started making laws to accommodate certain groups. I love the fact that the Supreme Court is pulling power from government administrators.