China threatens to shootdown Pelosi

As I stated, I do not hate her, but her opinions, views, policies, actions, and politics, make her a disgusting person in my view.


Sorry I will try to read better :nerd_face:

Thank you but it was a rhetorical question.

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witch got a rhetorical answer

hmmm… heard/saw reports that there is things on those 5g towers that appear to NOT be part of 5g???

also heard/saw reports that 5g will interfere with our military coms???

hmmm… still remember claims of metal and graphene in the covid vaccines…???

hmmm… there has been a tremendous push to force our military to take the vaccine…???

hmm… 5g towers activate… claims made it could affect everyone but especially the vaccinated???

hmmmm… and I too have mixed feeling on shooting down any US planes… but???

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Think of it as a tactical abortion. I don’t believe the Chinese government has a medical license, so they legally cannot perform that procedure… :sunglasses:


You people make me sick. You’re conflicted about a foreign power killing an American! I love American. In case you forgot, we live in America, not Republicanstan. I don’t like every politician, but I didn’t fight for this country just so you idiots could turn it into another banana republic. Stop flying the Amercan flag if you think a foreign power should get away with with killing our leaders. This isn’t funny. It’s screwed up. You don’t like our country. LEAVE! Go live in China for year, and you’ll come back kissing this beautiful land of freedom and democracy. You don’t like every person living here. Quit your whining! It’s bad enough I hear people complaining they’re not free. Now I have to come here and listen to you people wishing for the deaths of our politicians. What a bunch of whiny spoiled brats. Learn to love your country, because you don’t deserve it.

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And you make me sick as well. Its called free speech! You don’t like it, move YOUR ass over to China for a year. Many ppl here have fought for this country, me included. I swore to protect this country from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Ever consider what that might entail? Bella Pelosi and those in her clan ARE destroying this country. You don’t like hearing it , MOVE!


I gather you have not watched the news the past couple of days. We are not the ones turning it into a “Banana Republic”.

We are still a Republic, though the Biden adminstration is hard at work changing that.

Mask mandates, “vaccine” mandates, travel restrictions, etc., etc. Not as free as we were less than a mere three years ago.

“We don’t deserve” and you are whining about our posts, yet we are the whiny (sic), spoiled brats? LOL

It was a joke, and we do have a right to poke fun at those that have burned efigies of our President (Trump), spoke of blowing-up the White House, and wanting him dead/assassinated, whatever. You live in a vacuum?


Exactly,that isnt Pelosi’s heartbeat,its just a noise that the sonogram machine makes…its not really beating,jeez.:rofl:


I am not addressing anyone personally. Hate when addressed at someone personally does nothing to hurt that person or correct the hatful act they committed. It only hurts the one the one holding the lustful hate .When one directs their hate at the action it hurts the action and lets people no this is an action they should hate. I think we need a lot less people hating each other in the world and especially our country.