China threatens to shootdown Pelosi

Stil trying to figure out if that is a bad thing or a good thing? Tuff call


I would not want any persons harmed, such as the flight crew. I believe it would just be a late-term abortion. As Democratic politicians claim, abortions do not kill human life; therefore, no one would be harmed.

I do not believe the Chinese would really want to help our country by aborting her.


Just because she has done thing we hate doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have compassion. Compassion is what makes our lives better. If we don’t have compassion what does that make us.


Who are you going to show compassion to, the abuser or the abused? All it takes for evil to thrive is good ppl to do nothing. MHO, I think all of the Dem leaders are evil and a good number of the Repubs. Ike you, I wouldn’t want any of the crew hurt either.


To be serious, you have to separate the personality from the Office. If China fires a missile, they 'd target the 3rd highest Office in this Nation. Act of war right there.


And her name will live on in history just like Pearl Harbor a day that will live in infamy!


Somehow I don’t see her as being a rallying call to raise army


Who are you going to show compassion to, the abuser or the abused?
Both it is the Act that I take offense to. Anybody can change. Sometimes we are the abused and sometimes we are the abuser. That s what makes us human. When we attack the abuser we become the abuser. When we attack the abuse we become the healer.


Where do I buy my tickets?
I don’t have any compassion for anyone who disrespects, publicly, a sitting President, tears up the “State of the Union Address” at the same time is a firm believer in socialism and condones infanticide and crime in our neighborhoods!

On second thought, I’m not paying for tickets, I’ll watch the flame out for free from my lanai!

I’ll give up bacon and forget it ever happened!
I will not remember where I was!
When are Schummer, Schiff and Nadler, flying out! Oh! Wait…we’re going to need a bigger plane!
Is that an electric plane? If I’m forced to go electric on my car, my “elected official” has to fly electric!

Don’t need no stinking crew, just send them up with a full charge and autopilot!
“Let’s Go China” isn’t that the Liberal mantra?
As far as the White House is concerned, she’s on her own! With friends like that…

I have no worries we would go to war with China, Brandon will surrender the country in a heartbeat and call it a marriage!
Me I’m brushing up on my Cantonese!

HuĂ­tĂłu jiĂ n


I am eating shrimp lo mein for supper. I really like it, which will come in handy. It will soon be an approved dish from the benevolence of our chinese overlords. I will be able to produce more in the work camps thanks to my generous master’s kindness. May the red flag fly forever.



Thinking here …seeing as they’re all gov’t officials, self described "public servants’ …a hot air balloon would be appropriate transport.
Dang, here I was thinking attacking the abuser made us the protector.


The cynic in my asks why China would want to kill someone who’s doing so much harm to a potential enemy?


Stopping the abuser makes us the protector. Attacking the abuser only makes us mad and frustrated. It is a band-Aid emotional fix. It is pointless. It doesn’t convince anyone our goal is to save lives.
Speaking from a responsibly armed point of view.
But speaking from a political point of view one might have a different opinion.

What was the thing she did that we hate? I hate bad wine, if she drank it, I would not hate her for that. Oh, wait, she did elbow a kid recently. :sunglasses:

I do not hate her, I despise her, and dislike many things she’s done, and believe the criminal acts she committed she should be imprison for, but we know that will not happen.


You might disagree but that makes us hard men. Hard men bring good times….you know the rest of it.


I agree, let’s send them over on a blimp! Which gas explodes again?


I would not want to hold hate and despise for someone in my heart I don’t think it has any good purpose. It only effects me and doesn’t do anything to correct the problem.

Sarcasm is a good substitute for bitter feelings. It is priceless when they say “buy our product…/vote for…/we appreciate your cooperation”, and you say “I am old enough to remember the fraud”


Who is that?


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