There’s no mystery, here - Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, etc., are all involved in a huge black market in guns - and especially in stolen guns. A new Glock will fetch twice its MSRP on the street, and triple its value with ammo. There was a news story years ago that a cache of unmarked AK-47s was found on a Chinese ship docked in Long Beach. CA that was intended for street-sales to gangs. A street-assault ending with a teenage thug being shot wound up with a 23-year-old woman being arrested who had LOANED the teenager HER gun - this happened in Reading, PA, only a few blocks from where I lived at the time. Whatever the traffic will bear. FYI

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We hear a lot about weapons being shipped to Chicago from other states for black market use. But it may be closer to home to that. Chicago is a major rail hub for major shipments of weapons to all points west, East and south. Some of the gangs have managed to break into whole boxcars of weapons and ammo. Yon can easily look it up. They didn’t have to drive out of state and buy at retail. Black market guns are ready for people just getting out of prison. Some have even boasted they can have a gun the same day they get home. Any attempt to ban weapons in the US will only hurt law abiding citizen. I guess they would always have to option to make friends with criminals and get hooked up with their source. (hyperbole)