Chicago Mayor a study in disingenuous and Dishonesty

For the past 10 years Chicago’s Police Department has had a taskforce tracing firearms that have been confiscated in the commission of a crime.

It’s interesting that they keep pointing to other states “lax gun laws” as the source of their ills.

In tracing these fire arms 8 of the top 10 places guns are traced back to are gun stores in Cooke County, Illinois.

Illinois 40%
Indiana 21%
Wisconsin 8%
Mississippi 5

The rest are a grab bag of a percent or 2 from various states. The 2 states that Mayor Lightfoot complained about the most for their lax gun laws, don’t even equal the amount out of suburban Cooke County.

Methinks the Mayor is wearing no clothes (reference to the Emperor wore no clothes)

BTW you can Google Chicago gun Violence Trace Program. Should get a PDF file you can look at.


BS from an incompetent politician. Who would ever guess that could happen?


It falls back to a victim mentality. I believe she is in over her head and too proud to admit it, so the default is blame others. Of course there is also a level of dishonesty and disingenuousness. But nothing will ever change until people start accepting responsibility for what their actions or lack of action did to a problem


Mayor Lightfoot doen’t know what she’s talking about. The problem that Chicago has with murders. Has been going on BEFORE President Trump became President. It was going during both Obama and Bush 43 Presidencies. And they din’t do anything about it. Plus you have DA’s and the courts that don’t put the criminals, gang members, or drug dealers in jail for a long time. They just give them light sentences. And the elected officials WON’T LET THE POLICE GO AFTER THOSE THAT THEY KNOW HAVE ILLEGAL GUNS AND GET THEM OFF OF THE STREETS. And then you also have the strict gun laws that keep the VERY PEOPLE THAT NEED A FIREARM FOR PROTECTION FROM GETTING THEM IN PART BECAUSE OF THE HIGH PRICE FOR THE PERMIT.



That’s just it the data has remained virtually unchanged for the 10 years that CHICAGO’S own taskforce has been collecting the data and that her claims are not really valid. Just like the previous mayor’s claims about oh noz it’s these lax gun loving states who are to blame.

It’s not Chicago’s fault that we have a revolving door issue with criminals who use guns during the commission of crimes. Nope it’s pick a state to blame and place here


Since I cant add anything that hasnt been said on this transparent attempt to deflect from her own incompetence, I will add this video.


I don’t think she is either incompetent or lying I think she is just plain stupid.


OK… “Mayor” Lightfoot. Chicago’s gun problem was there well before Trump every thought about office. Stop blaming others for YOUR failure.

Putting more restrictions on law-abiding gun owners will do nothing to solve the problem. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in our nation, and they are doing nothing.

Honestly… I have to wonder if she and the previous mayors really want to fix the problem…??