Checking in with the "older parents"


While I am not panicking, my dad and step mom are older, 80 and 83. I talked to my dad tonight and all is well. They only see close neighbors. We are not going over (not my choice by any means) to see them due to current conditions. They BOTH (found out after the fact as usual) they spent nearly back to back nights in the ER. Kidney stone and a TIA. Both were released (again, why did I find out 4 days later?) I really could use and hour or so and a glass of wine with my dad! (not something I say often but current times…) My wife and employees (I bought the business from him so they all know him) think I should distance myself from them. It’s better for them 100%.

I do have severe asthma but I take much better precautions than most. Maybe that’s why I don’t panic.

I am 12 minutes away when it’s busy on the roads. I can almost be there faster than 911 (which they did for the last 2 visits in a weeks time, mid March).

So I call, we chat. It’s just not the same.

Have you had the "You need to $&%*(& call me after 911? Or before? This drives me nuts. Neither seem to bat an eye. OK, I am the “black sheep” of the family but we still see them more. Everyone else is 2 - 8 hours away.

So. What are you doing to to care for elderly parents in this time of crisis, pandemic, stupid times?


I pray… :pray:
My Mom is in Poland. I’m checking in her by phone.
Thanks my brother is there and can take of her in case.


No mom and dad to check in on…but I did check on both my elderly neighbors across the street and offered to run any errands they might need or chores they may need done …benefits of having two teenagers out of school.


My wife is checking in with the woman across the street. Many other neighbors stop us when we walk the dogs.


Drive by, @Sneezy? You don’t have to get out of the car, but maybe seeing them in person - through windows - would help.

My mom is about 10 minutes from me and we usually see her at least once a week for dinner. The next month or so is going to be weird.


I know that this isn’t same as visiting - my mother is in Va. and I have made one trip back to see her. She is 102 and still getting around, I skype with my sister and get to “see” mom when she feels like it. Still very independent and strong willed. Just a thought…


I’m 700 miles from my mother. My sister lives close to her. I keep in touch with both of them.